Mission Inn Catacombs vs Tunnels


Just wanted to clarify the difference between the two. Getting a little bit tired of hearing the 2 terms intermingled.

The Catacombs are under the Mission Inn Hotel. Some tunnels are under the hotel, Annex and elsewhere around the downtown Riverside area. This segment will be on the Catacombs.

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It's not toy Lionel


I was a member of the Inland Empire Model Railroad Club back in its heyday of 1980s. Every tie was hand cut, sanded, stained, and hand spiked. Scale model railroading was never Lionel. Several of the houses in the town were built by a friend of mine that passed away 25 years ago. He would take pictures of local houses and then build them from the picture. I was always amazed when someone recognized their house. He would open up his sketch book and there was a picture and address of their house. The gentleman I worked with was a WWII vet that loved to build models.

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Rail Festival and Steam Weekend


You're invited to a family celebration of Southern California's railway heritage on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19 at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris. The annual Spring Rail Festival will offer families and rail enthusiasts plenty to do and see at the 90-acre railway park in the heart of Southern California.

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Are there any old Route 66 eateries still around?


We are looking for any eateries still around from the Route 66 heyday, in the Inland Empire. We produce "Food Story" segments for 91.9 KVCR FM. Always on the look out for interesting food stories in the IE.

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