Looking for a Home in a XMAS light display Block to set up my photo booth


I'm Insured and it would be a proift sharing type of written deal. Ive been in business for 1 year and we would be charging 15.00 for 2 4x6 photos 1 Frame and a free email of the image. Photo Props include Xmas pull over costumes-Hand held paper props on a stick. I am fully insured and I would add your address to the policy for the time I am there. It would be a 4pm set up with me leaving at 11pm

You will be paid on a weekly basis with a detailed report.

Think about it

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smoke stacks in Jurupa Valley


I live on Corte Castillo in Jurupa Valley. At the end of the street is a trail. The trail leads to 2 formations that look like smoke stacks. There is structure that resembles a large swimming pool. There is an old cell tower. Further on is a reservoir with small fish and water life. We are extremely curious about what was once there. We've asked long time residents and they have no answers. Please help inform us!

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New Years Parties in the Inland Empire 2014 / 2015


Where are the best New Year parties for 2015 this year?

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The Fontana Rock House


Yesterday while hiking through the hills between Rancho Cucamonga and Fontana I stopped to check out the "Rock House" aka The Thomas Hawker home aka the Bullocks cattle ranch complex. I've walked by this old structure many times but finally took the time to.....

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