Information about Wrightwood CA.

Wrightwood, Elevation 6,000 ft. is located on the North Face of the San Bernardino San Gabriel's Mt's. The Summertime population is about 3,300. Located on Highway 138 only 15 miles off I-15, it's the easiest mountain drives in southern California. Originally inhabited by Serrano Indians, Wrightwood evolved into a cattle ranch, apple orchard, then finally into a quiet mountain resort community. Wrightwood's history is apparent with buildings from years ago still standing and incorporated into everyday community life. Camping, fishing, skiing, hiking, picnics and plain old FUN! Wrightwood is a land of four seasons, always something to do, always an opportunity to relax and enjoy life. Adventuring hikers and can access points of interest and features such as Mt. Baden Powell, the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, and enjoy the Angeles National Forest and its secret wonders. Wrightwood is home to the some of the finest skiing in southern California. Ski Sunrise offers family/intimate and glade skiing while Mountain High provides nearly 20 miles of runs for more experienced skiers. Throughout the Angeles National Forest there are many areas available for snowplay, sledding, and other winter opportunities During the late 30's the back side of Mt Ontario begin to slide. Several homes were destroyed in the ensuing granular rock slide but something else was discovered. The San Andreas was discovered to be running directly along the north side of the small community, and the San Jacinto Fault Line was running along the base of the steep cliffs marking present day Mt High Ski resort. Both Faults join together at the western end of town. Wrightwood has its own post office, fire dept in the way of CDF and Federal Fire Response teams. gdh

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