Witches House

blue barn The house looks like a normally two story hous but legend has it that in side there were never stairs built into the house because they would just fly around. Also in the barn half of the bottom is stone and the top part is wood. Supposidly where the stone is dead people are held there. The House is gated off yet there are ways of access....


Where is this place?

it's on MileHigh Road waaay up in Cherry Valley..

I am curious about its location, too....

ive been up there alot never saw anythin... someone just bought it and now is leavin there...

if you get to the blue barn, you went to far. turn around and go down a little ways til you come to a large oak tree on the right side of the road, or west side. there is a dirt road, drive to the next oak tree and you will see remains of a rock house. this is the witches house. also known as the oaktree.

what happened at 37492 Cherry Valley Boulevard Cherry Valley, CA 92223?

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