The Cask-N-Cleaver

History Cask 'n Cleaver was founded in 1967 in an old ranch-house, amongst the lush vineyards of historic Cucamonga, approximatly 40 miles east of Los Angeles. The founders Chuck and Linda Keagle had just finished college and remembered the fun they had working in restaurants as students. With that in mind, they combined their love of the restaurant business with a growing interest in California wines.
Their concept was simple: combine the best Midwestern corn-fed steaks with reasonable prices, a good selection of California wines, friendly service, with a casual relaxed atmosphere. The first menu was hand-painted on old wine bottles. Servers wore shorts and guests served themselves from a bountiful salad bar - a very revolutionary idea back in 1967. The idea worked well and Cask 'n Cleaver restaurants can now be found in nine locations. Gone are the hand-painted menus with only six menu items, but the original concept is otherwise still intact. The Keagles are still actively involved in their creation, making sure that every guest is treated as a Very Special Person. Toll Free: 800-995-4451 | Fax: 800-995-4452 Email:


I have 2 of the old wine bottles from the Redlands restaurant. Are you interested in them?

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