Why Is Redlands Called Redlands

Why is Redlands called Redlands? Does it have to do with blood?

Does anyone know the history of Redlands well enough to share it with us? I remember a former satanic high priest called Mike Wranke (now a Christian who wrote the book "Satan Seller") mentioned in this book about worshiping satan in those orange grooves of Redlands. He also mentioned in this book how a girl (he later met on SBVC campus) was kidnapped and raped on a mobile marble altar in these same orange groves. Mike Wranke has been criticized by many as being a fake. But didn't they say there is no smoke without fire. Or is this saying outdated?

I also heard there is KKK presence in Redlands. KKK I learned has roots in the occult. In fact one of the founders I learned was Albert Pike, who was the highest ranking mason in America in his time, and also a devil worshiper.
The letter K is the 11th in the alphabet. KKK is 11 x 3 = 33. Albert Pike was a 33 degree mason. I really don't know what sense all this makes. But I smell a rat.


because the dirt in redlands is clay and the clay is red

HAIL SATAN! All praise the Red Lands!

Anyone still out there in this topic?

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