Why Fontana is called Fontucky

In years past Fontana was often called Fontucky. The nickname Fontucky was given (and is still used today) because of the number of poor white people and rednecks living there (much like the back woods of Kentucky).

The nickname Fontucky has stuck and is still used partially because of the people living in some of the "nicer" surrounding areas such as Etiwanda and Alta Loma. People living in those areas try their best to differentiate themselves from the lower-income, lower classes and higher crime rates often associated with Fontana. By referring to Fontana as Fontucky, it perpetuates the stereotype which many claim is no longer true.

Today, the average income of Fontucky is actually slightly higher than the rest of California however the average home value is far lower than the rest of California. The lower home values of Fontana may be partially due to the number of mobile homes in the area which also makes the name Fontucky stick.

More people now refer to Fontucky as "little Mexico" or Fontalajara because the majority of people living in Fontana today are of Hispanic or Mexican descent. There are over 400% more "Mexicans" in Fontana today than there are Rednecks (aka, poor white trash).

No matter if you call it Fontana, Fontucky or Little Mexico, Fontana is still considered a shithole by most people!


no one calls it that you dipshit. people still all it fontucky

Grew up there in the 60's and 70's. I tell very few people. My names for it are either Fontucky or Fonta, depending on the area. I hear the north area toward the 210 is nice.

I would have to say that Fontana is not a good place to live. Although the homes are nice for a starter family to get settled; the people are not. My former manager lives in Fontana and insisted it was a great place for me to buy but I could not see past its high crime rate. Homes there were nice with big lots but the people that reside there makes all the difference. He showed me around and immediately noticed the homelessness and graffiti all around nearby neighborhoods. I was shocked and did not imagine to see such high crime. I plan to look in Riverside County or even OC for and avoid living in the ghetto. Later I found out that my manager wanted to sell his home back in 2015 and move to Rancho Cucamonga.

Avoid living out there in Fontana. Trashy city and people!!!!!!!

I grew up here in Fontana. Most of the people are mostly ignorant at worst willfully ignorant. Some good, hard-working people but they tend to be few and far in between.

North Fontana is wanna-bee bougie, entitled, and they overestimate their value and importance. Tons of retail options but no quality restaurant(s) to patron.
Central Fontana is rampant with ignorance, dismal regard for self-respect (because of poor role-models).
South Fontana has a lot of "cholo-mentaility, Loc sunglasses-wearing Raider fans, oldies-listening vatos.
West Fontana is undeveloped, with no parks nearby. It feels like "Fontucky" very backwoods.
East Fontana has a mix of up kept, traditional neighborhoods, mixed with people who want to be hood. It also borders Rialto (Ry-ALto).

What stands out are those 2nd/3rd generation Latinos with a deranged sense of entitlement; the ones who don't speak Spanish because they don't they act like their shit don't stink. In fact, their shit stinks the worse because you can see their stank-ass attitude from 100 yards away. They may also drive a Mercedes (probably bought it at a mom-and-pop used car dealership) and work at Kaiser hospital; but they are an unhappy, bitter, toxic, and miserable bunch of worker-bees. Enjoy your softball and beer league baseball games.

Also, the school system has low standards for the type of education given. There aren't many Asians here I suspect because the school system standard is poor. Every Asian that I knew growing up was 1st generation from an immigrant family ... They also moved away when they had the chance. I can't blame them, I moved away too.

Fontana isn't terrible. I visit my family from time to time. I do reminisce of the good times. I'm not afraid to walk the streets but there is a growing mischievous element here. You know it's unpleasant when you leave a store parking lot and you have to constantly rotate your head when you are backing up from your parking spot looking out for a lunatic speeding off to their weed dealer, or in a hurry to be nowhere just for the sake of looking important.

Also most people aren't that friendly, on occasion you engage in friendly chit-chat. Most people have the stink-eye. Their aren't that many Blacks here but they live near Arrow Blvd in apartments. Most of the Black's I've encountered are bitter, angry at the world, belligerent and act like they want to start a fight. I tried to be nice to them, but eventually I get blamed for their shit.

Although the friendliest people tend to be the Spanish-speaking Latinos (mostly Mexican) or some nice elderly white folk. I moved away and I think I have ruled out a return to Fontana due to the sub-mediocre standard of life here.

This message is to the person saying he "moved up to Moreno Valley?
You must be smoking the happy grass because Mo Val aka (Murder Valley) is FAR worse.
I'll repeat FAR WORSE than Fontana.

If you want a baby momma Fontana and Moreno Valley are wonderful options.


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