Why Fontana is called Fontucky

In years past Fontana was often called Fontucky. The nickname Fontucky was given (and is still used today) because of the number of poor white people and rednecks living there (much like the back woods of Kentucky).

The nickname Fontucky has stuck and is still used partially because of the people living in some of the "nicer" surrounding areas such as Etiwanda and Alta Loma. People living in those areas try their best to differentiate themselves from the lower-income, lower classes and higher crime rates often associated with Fontana. By referring to Fontana as Fontucky, it perpetuates the stereotype which many claim is no longer true.

Today, the average income of Fontucky is actually slightly higher than the rest of California however the average home value is far lower than the rest of California. The lower home values of Fontana may be partially due to the number of mobile homes in the area which also makes the name Fontucky stick.

More people now refer to Fontucky as "little Mexico" or Fontalajara because the majority of people living in Fontana today are of Hispanic or Mexican descent. There are over 400% more "Mexicans" in Fontana today than there are Rednecks (aka, poor white trash).

No matter if you call it Fontana, Fontucky or Little Mexico, Fontana is still considered a shithole by most people!


safest city, that comment is laughable and you are ridiculously obnoxious for posting such comment a comment...rape, murder, strong armed robbery, burglary meth capital of the world!

Back in the days Fontana was a good old town.

Fontana California is a blend of downtown Tijuana, a redneck trailer court with just a touch of South Central LA sprinkled in for good measure. A community where pride and ignorance walk hand in hand. Crime, poverty, ignorance, obesity and arrogance...

You must not live there currently because if you see any white people, it’s usually because they’re lost or picking up something from Craigslist. Population of white used to be like 14% in like 2010. Probably like 5% or less in 2020. It needs to be renamed Fonexico.

As of 2015 Fontana is the best city in the worlds

Ok, I guess I'll add my rant to this list...

I grew up right on the border of Rancho and Etiwanda off Rochester. My best friend in the entire world lived in Fontana off of Foothill and Mulberry. Even as a little kid I knew it was different there. It just seemed old and dusty and somewhat desolate. Later after I grew older I realized that my buddy's parents were most definitely rednecks, and suddenly things made sense. The dirt driveway, the broken down cars in the front/side yard we used to play in, the nudie mags on top of the toilet tank, the jerry rigged satellite dish in the backyard (the old school ones that are like 10 feet in diameter), I could go on and on and on. THAT was straight up Fontucky at its finest.

My first job was in Fontana at Chief Auto Parts on Sierra and Foothill. A strange place for sure. I remember worrying that my truck would get stolen while I was inside work, but it never happened.

Make no mistake, Fontana is an absolute shithole. The only difference is the rednecks and white trash have largely been replaced by Mexicans and thugs. With that bein said, you really cant count the part above Baseline and the 210 because that is simply where Rancho spilled over. Its just technically Fontana land. The new area is the ONLY reason crime stats have gone down in the last 7-10 years or so. My advice? Stay above Baseline and west of Citrus and you will be just peachy.

I grew up in Upland and now live in North Fontana. I rarely go south of Baseline as there's really no reason to, anywhere I'd want to shop or eat is above the 210, in Rancho Cucamonga or elsewhere. The communities above the 210 and West of Sierra rival any decent neighborhood in Orange County, (not upscale or high end... decent). If you don't believe me drive through Citrus Heights, Shady Trails, Hunters Ridge or the Sierra Lakes community. Once you get below Baseline everything changes and it's more like it's past. You can tell developers are desperate for land because huge beautiful houses are being developed next to tired, relic neighborhoods and houses of the past. Honestly, North Fontana, or Norfo as I like to call it, should secede from "Fontana" and rebrand itself as a new city - I'm guessing 60-70% of the housing tax revenue for Fontana comes from this small corner of the city anyway.

I first heard this term while playing football at Chaffey College from a couple player from Fontana. Being that I married a graduate from Fontana, I get dirty looks when I use the term and when my high school football team I coach beat FOHI this season, I almost ended up on the couch....

It use to be nice and quiet. My next door neighbor reportedly killed somebody prior to moving there from Kentucky. He always wheeled around in a wheelchair. Their daughter was a wanted meth dealer which the cops always raided the place looking for her. The meth dealer had a gang banger for a boyfriend. They use to deal in front of the house.They threatened and scared innocent pre-school age kids for fun. The mother had 4 mutts in the front yard which was always full of and smelled of dog poo. She collected it there. She use to let the dogs loose at night to defecate on other peoples lawns. The last time I drove by the house was condemned and boarded up! I glad I moved.

Fontana is now Fonexico. You’ll find many homes with more than 2 families living in them. You can tell by the “Fortress” look the homes have that you’re in Fonexico. They like to make block walls with wrought iron bordering their houses. Fonexico used to be a decent town years ago. With the steel mill and trucking hubs, it was a lower crime, mini Los Angeles. The citizens used to be upright citizens. Now it’s just a haven for crime and illegal aliens. Don’t forget the name...Fonexico


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