Why Fontana is called Fontucky

In years past Fontana was often called Fontucky. The nickname Fontucky was given (and is still used today) because of the number of poor white people and rednecks living there (much like the back woods of Kentucky).

The nickname Fontucky has stuck and is still used partially because of the people living in some of the "nicer" surrounding areas such as Etiwanda and Alta Loma. People living in those areas try their best to differentiate themselves from the lower-income, lower classes and higher crime rates often associated with Fontana. By referring to Fontana as Fontucky, it perpetuates the stereotype which many claim is no longer true.

Today, the average income of Fontucky is actually slightly higher than the rest of California however the average home value is far lower than the rest of California. The lower home values of Fontana may be partially due to the number of mobile homes in the area which also makes the name Fontucky stick.

More people now refer to Fontucky as "little Mexico" or Fontalajara because the majority of people living in Fontana today are of Hispanic or Mexican descent. There are over 400% more "Mexicans" in Fontana today than there are Rednecks (aka, poor white trash).

No matter if you call it Fontana, Fontucky or Little Mexico, Fontana is still considered a shithole by most people!


who are you kidding!

I now live in Fontana I was born in Chicago grew up in Hollywood CA.
I only hear the word fontucky from people that don't get out of the inland empire much or at all seem to be very small minded persons, Today Fontana has people now living here from Los Angeles and other parts of the world, Fontana is becoming just like you would see in the Cites of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York they all have good parts and bad parts.
Get out and Explore It Is Full Of People From Around The World.
Have Fun! ")

Funny! Maybe you all should look up the crime rate in "fontucky"
It is considered one of the top safest places to live. And to the person who claims to have moved up by moving to Moreno Valley, what a joke! Now there's a real shit hole!

yep moreno valley has a worst crime rate. more likely to get robbed in moval

I agree, really Moreno Valley an upgrade. My friend said she wanted to buy a house in MoValley I told her not too. Of course she didn't listen everyone was afraid to go visit her, and she would get mad at everyone. she was constantly calling me about someone got shot at the corner or so an so's house was broken into. She finally packed her bags and moved to San Diego. Fontana where I reside is so quiet at night. I can't count the number of times neighbors have left their garage doors open and nothing happens. My neighbors are all great, everyone I've meet is either a business owner or has a profession. Maybe I haven't driven around enough but as far as I can tell it's nice and quiet here. Some neighbors put all their yard sale stuff out the night before and nothing goes missing, people could easily take the stuff but don't. They wait outside patiently until the yard sale begins.

Fontana is a very bad bad place. Stay in LA or Moreno Valley or the high desert, don't come here.

Fontucky isn't a bad place. Sure it's the armpit of the nation, but don't get me wrong, we have a nice community. Yeah, I've seen the rich part, yeah I've seen the bad part. Yeah, this city has been on COPS many times. Yeah, it isn't exactly Richo-Cucamonga. But I've gotten a good education by the etiwanda school district, and I've heard good things about the Fontana district. Fontana isn't a bad place.

I am from England and planning holidaying in Fontana in August.
Anyone with ideas of a decent, safe hotel like Travelodge in your city?
Thank you.

Can't imagine holidaying in Fontana, but as far as hotels go you'd be better off staying in Ontario, California. It very near Fontana and has many decent hotels near the airport.

Cool; I'd reckon Ontario will be under 5 miles to Fontana proper? Thanks for your comments.


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