Why Fontana is called Fontucky

In years past Fontana was often called Fontucky. The nickname Fontucky was given (and is still used today) because of the number of poor white people and rednecks living there (much like the back woods of Kentucky).

The nickname Fontucky has stuck and is still used partially because of the people living in some of the "nicer" surrounding areas such as Etiwanda and Alta Loma. People living in those areas try their best to differentiate themselves from the lower-income, lower classes and higher crime rates often associated with Fontana. By referring to Fontana as Fontucky, it perpetuates the stereotype which many claim is no longer true.

Today, the average income of Fontucky is actually slightly higher than the rest of California however the average home value is far lower than the rest of California. The lower home values of Fontana may be partially due to the number of mobile homes in the area which also makes the name Fontucky stick.

More people now refer to Fontucky as "little Mexico" or Fontalajara because the majority of people living in Fontana today are of Hispanic or Mexican descent. There are over 400% more "Mexicans" in Fontana today than there are Rednecks (aka, poor white trash).

No matter if you call it Fontana, Fontucky or Little Mexico, Fontana is still considered a shithole by most people!


It's just a nick name like any other. Such as "MoVal" or Moreno Valley. People need to stop being so ignorant. I have lived in Fontana for most of my life and I absolutely love it. No I am not a "low-life" just because of where I have lived. I hate being viewed as trash just because people have a set stereotypical view of Fontana. I went to Kaiser Highschool and am a part of the large percentage of the Mexican population there. So stop hating, not all of us from Fontana are "uneducated."

Shut the ef up. You are the ignorant one no one cares you went to Kaiser yor a crybaby shutup sissy


Just because people go to high school doesn't mean they are educated. Especially in public education, where many people are just "pushed" along even if they fail. I consider "educated" people to be those that have successfully graduated with a Bachelors, Masters or PhD. A high school education, even if you graduate with a 4.0, is not enough to get you a even a decent paying job - you'll be looking at minimum wage paying jobs, such as McDonalds.

well i never heard it called that, but in the 60's i dated a man who i discovered had been in prison for murder when he got in a bar fight in fontana and hit someone who died from the blow. he claimed that the only reason he went to jail was that it had been a while since fontana had a murder and they wanted to play it up for the notoriety.
when my mother met him she said 'i would rather eat cornflakes' (than go out on a date with that guy).
i only went out with him one time,and he acted fine. then i met someone from el monte who my mother liked even less.

At one time, Fontana had a large Italian population with a very tight knit community. Once Kaiser steel closed down, the city became a haven for low-rent apartment complexes for LA refugees. With that came more and more crime. More poverty and high unemployment rates didnt help the situation. Compared to the 80's and early 90's, the city is much larger and more affluent since the housing boom of the late 90's and 2000's.

I left Fontucky and swore to never come back....Now I'm back.., I love Fontucky its my home...and will never leave!! I don't want to live in Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga or the OC.

I actually moved from Rancho where we owned a large home, to the gorgeous area of North Fontana, called Coyote Canyon. We could not be happier. Our kids are still in the Etiwanda top notch school system. We have a very nice home with a beautiful view (not of a trailer park) and I have to say our neighbors in this community are far more economically well off and educated in comparison to our old neighborhood in Rancho. I feel safe walking at night in our community as others are very active and out doing the same. I find I run into friendly people daily. I have not had any issues with crime yet, but I also am aware crime happens everywhere, even in the classiest of neighborhoods. On my old street in Rancho, there were car and home break ins quite regularly. Our home up here in Coyote Canyon was high in price and maybe that is why the area is so great. (The price compared to the 5 bedroom home we owned in Rancho.) I can't speak for all areas of Fontana. I have driven through South Fontana and the Rialto area and sure as heck would not live there. But I think people have the misconception that all of Fontana is like that. Whatever you call it, Coyote Canyon, North Fontana, Fontana, or Fontucky...I love it where I live! My only complaint is the occasional fierce winds in the fall.

Fontucket!!!!! Fontuckey!!! Mullet city. Fish with your hands like a man!! Representing big bellies and beer bellies!! Muffin tops and do rags... 909 fo life!!!!!


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