Why Fontana is called Fontucky

In years past Fontana was often called Fontucky. The nickname Fontucky was given (and is still used today) because of the number of poor white people and rednecks living there (much like the back woods of Kentucky).

The nickname Fontucky has stuck and is still used partially because of the people living in some of the "nicer" surrounding areas such as Etiwanda and Alta Loma. People living in those areas try their best to differentiate themselves from the lower-income, lower classes and higher crime rates often associated with Fontana. By referring to Fontana as Fontucky, it perpetuates the stereotype which many claim is no longer true.

Today, the average income of Fontucky is actually slightly higher than the rest of California however the average home value is far lower than the rest of California. The lower home values of Fontana may be partially due to the number of mobile homes in the area which also makes the name Fontucky stick.

More people now refer to Fontucky as "little Mexico" or Fontalajara because the majority of people living in Fontana today are of Hispanic or Mexican descent. There are over 400% more "Mexicans" in Fontana today than there are Rednecks (aka, poor white trash).

No matter if you call it Fontana, Fontucky or Little Mexico, Fontana is still considered a shithole by most people!


Come and listen to a story about a man named Fred
A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed,
Then one day he was shootin at some food,
And up through the ground came a bubblin crude.

bath Salt that is, White gold, Texas teabaggers.

Well the first thing you know ol Fred's a millionaire,
Kinfolk said "Fred move away from there"
Said "Californy is the place you ought to be"
So they loaded up the truck and moved to Fontana.

Fontucky, that is. Crystal Meth, bath Salts.

Fontana or Fontucky is a "love it or hate it" type of place. Like most cities it's size, there are a lot of good elements and a lot of bad elements there. And by elements I guess I mean people. There's really nice big beautiful homes in a northern desert mountain oasis, overlooking a nice golf course. And less than 5 minutes away there is a couple of mini "ghettos". Fontana has grown and just 15 years ago had just one high school, Fontana High School, a division I powerhouse in the 80s and 90s and less than 75000 residents. There is now four high schools in the city, Kaiser, Summit, Fohi and A.B. Miller and over a 250,000 residents, tripling in size. They was once no one living out here but all the cities in the Inland Empire blew up from the early 90s to mide 2000's. People wanting to play and work in LA and the surrounding cities found affordable housing in San Bernardino County. There was once lots of trailer parks and bad neighborhoods and still are today, however, overall Fontana is a pretty modern city. There is a great hospital there owned by Kaiser Permanente. It is on the Nascar circuit so there is obviously some truth to the white trash thing, but today the majority of it's residents are Mexican, about 62%. There is a lot of great residents but like most cities there are criminal and low class areas . Gang rates ebb and flow. There is a KKK planation type of house in the older part of the city. There is also a nice house, once believed to have been owned by Al Capone. It even had a tunnel that led to a safe exit in the next small town of Litle Creek. There's a lot of good and bad history here but that what gives this great city character.

Those "nice big beautiful homes overlooking a golf course" are mostly smaller than 2000sq ft, two story homes that are 'ok' - they are jammed right next to each other on their 7,000ft lots, and the streets are jammed with shitty rice-burner wanna-be hot rods parked on the sidewalks. Even the "nice" part of Fontucky, while not a 'ghetto', is still a shithole compared to a nicer area.

Red Hill. That's all I have to say, mmmmm best breakfast joint ever. Pancakes are the size of a manhole cover. Oh yeah & Sammy Hagar lived in Fontana for a while my aunt used to watch him and his band play in the garage in Fontana.

Used to love to go to Mexico Lindo used to be on Sierra Avenue great little Mexican joint. Oh yeah there was also a place called That Place (head shop) oh & Joint Venture. Fontucky is just plan cool. I also went to Fontana High with Travis Barker, drummer from Blink 182, yep that's right. Ok so I said a little more then just Red Hill, mmmmm pancakes.

Why would you consider Nascar white trash? Do you know how much it cost to attend a race, or how much it cost to run a race? I don't think "white trash" people can afford that. I am not sure if you were raised there, but if you were you have not given Fontana good representation. Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation is horrible. It is very obvious that you did not receive an adequate education. On the other hand, maybe you just did not pay attention. I have never been there but just from reading about it and reading your post I would almost bet you were raised there by white trash!

I know I am not perfect by any means, but if I could not use better grammar than that I would not EVER post!! Thank you and I hope y'all have a wonderful day :)


North Carolina Girl :)
Go Tarheels!!
Hendrick Motorsports all the way!!

I live in Fontucky. In Hunter's Ridge which is the northern tip of Fontana. My kids went to DW Long Elementary. Which is, by the way, part of the Etiwanda School District. We live in a quiet, clean neighborhood. Besides living in a wind tunnel, I enjoy living here. And Yes, I have been a target of crime.(home robbery, cars broken into several times. But as the police officer pointed out, the criminals target nice neighborhoods. And yes, there are alot of Mexicans in Fontana. But I don't mind them.

"but I don't mind them" WTF??? Making people sound like they're annoying insects or something...

Because they are insects, they're parasites. All of these people with good things to say about Fontucky are talking about North Fontana. Come down to South Fontucky and you see what dirty Mexicans do to where they live. It's a shit hole.

they are insects..or like you, ignorant, law breaking, drug addicts, immoral. morbidly obese, lazy sons and daughters of illegal immigrants!!

I never heard it called "Fontucky." But then the year I lived in Fontana was 1943. In 1976 I drove through and around Fontana, searching for something, anything familiar. But the area had changed so much I may as well have been visiting Harlan County Kentucky, or Peoria, Illinois, or Joplin, Missouri. All of those towns from which my classmates hailed now look alike, seedy strip malls, big box stores and franchise burger joints. Low riders cruise the main drags in all of the towns named, except for Kentucky, where one sees more jacked-up pickup trucks than cars.


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