Where are the Native American Ruins and Artifacts in Alta Loma?

In Wikipedia it says that there are or were Native American Indian artifacts and ruins in Alta Loma. It says some were destroyed in the big fire of 2003, and that some of the ruins are on land that is owned by Paul Biane.

I know that some time in the past some or all of the Indians lived around what is now Red Hill, but where are the native American ruins mentioned? The 2003 fire did not burn down to Red Hill and stayed north of Hillside, so where are they?


They're probably buried under the Target parking lot

The Native American artifacts are actually under the shopping area at the corner of Vinyard and Foothill accross from the winery and previuosly was a bowling alley.

Neither of those places mentioned were near the fire in 2003. North Etiwanda Preserve has some but from what I remember they were all over the foothills and not really a city like we know and just one place. Mostly where there was water, food and sources to make supplies.

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