Upland Unified School District Marks 100 years

I read and heard from several friends of mine of an event at Upland High School, celebrating Upland School Districts 100 year....Actually i only though it was about 60 years old, but that’s okay, as I learned a lot from my friends.

I Went to Baldy View Elementary on 11 th street, then Upland Jr High on 11th street and then Upland High from 1963-64, then once again from 65 to 67 when I graduated...Upland High is also on 11 th...I guess the educators back then had a thing about keeping all of the schools on 11th right below Foothill, or route 66 as it was referred to back then.

Any way, there were no candles and no cake; no marching bands which I would like to see what my old buds in the Drum and Bugle Corps. are wearing these days, but that did not stop the local politicians and about 1,000 guests, from celebrating a milestone birthday for the Upland Unified School District on Saturday.

To ring in the district's 100th year, Upland residents and surrounding community members, both as past and present students and staff, were invited to the high school campus to see all the evolution of the educational system.....I dont think many of my teachers would have been able to attend, Like my favorite English teacher Mrs. Butts, or our Band Director Mr. Morrison, or Mr. Burns who liked to comb the side of his long hair over the bald spot on the top of his head, or Mrs. Bandanna, My Cooking teacher at Upland and Mrs. Rose, My French Teacher who I fell in love with....Im pretty sure most of them are gone but not forgotten.

In lieu of the traditional birthday favors, the high school campus was decorated in six different themes, 1900s Country Fair, 1920s Roaring Twenties, 1950s Rock 'n' Roll, 1970s Disco Fever, 2000s Into the Future and Memorabilia.

The district first started in 1907 with just one school and a handful of students and a direct challenge to Chaffey High's Authority over the entire area.....In the past 100 years it has grown to 14 schools and evolved from an elementary district to kindergarten through 12th grade.

To help guests understand where the district has been, a video was put together and shown in the library.....It featured prominent city figures, retired UUSD members and current students who gave their congratulations and talked about their experiences with the district.....Yearbooks and school artifacts filled several tables in the library for guests to look through.....I would have loved to see my High School Mug in the Year Book, but I do have them all here at home.

In August, this year my class (1967) held our 40th reunion at the Double Tree in Ontario....I was unable to go, but my friends told me that at least 300 or my roomies showed up this time....I remember our first reunion, at the Doubletree and about 1,000 people attended.....It was a shock to see the list of my former classmates who had passed away....At this years reunion, the list was over 3 pages long.

I bring this up because that is the way this 100 years remembrance at Upland was Like....So many people gone and yet so many people yet to come....While the Class of 67 slowly disappears with time, Uplands Unified School District will be the repository of hundreds of classes yet to come....That I think was the message of this event, at least my understanding of it.

Gary Hall, theghostpainter

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