A ghost dressed in blue...or airport lights, car lights or someone next door....You be the judge.

In 1967 my mom and dad moved into a new home on Waverly Court in Upland, and of course I still being in high school went along because after all, the kids always go where their parents move to.

I soon discovered that on certain nights in my room a blue light would appear on the ceiling of my room. The first time my dog woke me from a sound sleep barking at the light as it drifted down the wall then went it out as it hit the floor.

The nights it would happen were usually very foggy, moist and drippy out side. Out side my window at that time was an orange grove. When it was clear I never saw the light, but on nights like I described, I would sometimes see it, not all of the time.

Now I believe in ghosts always have ever since I was about 6. But I also know when something that appears to be ghost like isn't. The missing link of why I only saw the blue light on certain foggy nights became apparent when I noticed the blue light shinning ion my ceiling. The fog was hanging about 500 feet above the house. So that was the reason I saw the blue lights, or so I thought.

One night I had a couple od friends over because we had to leave at 3 an to deliver papers on the run I had, so we all went to sleep early. I had never told my friends about the lights that I saw so on this night the fog had decided to come in. Here was my chance to 'punk' them as they call it now.

Sure enough, about 1 am, Tom woke up with a yell and asked what the hell was that light....He was sleeping on the floor and the light was right over the top of him. He said he felt like something was watching him and woke up to find this Blue light hovering over him.

Jack woke up, saw the light and dove out the window. It a good thing I always sleep with my windows open cause all he knocked out was the screen. Tom was running through the house yelling and screaming loud enough to wake the dead, which he thought he had.

After I got them calmed them calmed down, I introduced them to the sourse of the Blue Light. Uplands Cable airport, the combination of fog and low ceiling and the ghost. Everyone bought the story till as I noticed the Light went up to the ceiling and out through the top of the door with a poof. They noticed too cause as soon as the fur stopped flying all three of us ended up sitting out on the side yard shivering.

We never saw the light again, no matter how many times it got fogy, or the lights from Cable shown through my windows, all we saw was the white light of the airport shine off of the wall.

As long as I lived there, sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with the feeling that someone was watching me or hovering over me.

I just pulled the covers over my head a little tighter so nothing could get in and laid there till the sensation went away.

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter


Reminds me of back in high school...1972...when we all thought Carbon Canyon was haunted because there was always this spooky looking green mist hovering over the area. It made for lots of night time parties with ghost stories and people scaring each other. We finally found out, it was the fog that always settled over the golf course that caused the "green mist". We were sad when we found out it really wasn't haunted, but it was sure fun for awhile.

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