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The City of Upland was incorporated in San Bernardino County on May 15, 1906, and is nestled at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. But the community has been around since the 1890's when the Chaffey Brothers developed Ontario. Back Then it was know as North Ontario. Your editor was born in Upland at San Antonio Community Hospital at the Maternity ward then located on

the corner of 9th and Euclid, In later years it because a glass factory and today it is Dental Real Estate office. In the 30' 40's and 50's the entire northern part of Upland above Foothill was all Orange groves. West of San Antonio Ave the same was true but there were more lemon trees as well. It wasn't until the early 70's that the Urban sprawl finally spread eastward from the LA area. But the city planners of Upland made the decision to keep Upland a Bedroom community.


Today the city is home to over 74,000 residents. Most business hug the main north south roads such as Mountain, and Euclid and of course along Old route 66 better known as Foothill blvd. Downtown Upland is Located along 2nd ave. The Official City of Upland benchmark is located in the vicinity of Upland City Hall, 460 N. Euclid Avenue. A 2-inch brass disc is set in the southwest corner of a 3x3 ft. concrete base for a light standard, 104 ft. east of the centerline of Euclid Avenue and 185 ft. south of the centerline of Arrow Highway - elevation: 1,253.32 ft. above sea level. And for long time residents there once was a railroad down the center of Euclid. It ran from the Ranger Station at the Head of Euclid ave and ran all the way down the center of the broad dived highway 39 to Ontario where it ended. Affectingly called the Mule train, the single car was pulled by a single mule, northward on the tracks carrying about 30 people. Once they reached the top and people got off, the mule was placed on a hidden platform and rode down the hill on the back of the car. Today there is a small museum located in the center of Euclid just north of the UP tracks just south of Holt. During the 50's and 60's the Pacific Electric Railroad bought the tracks and could be seen moving boxcars down to the then Sunkist orange packing warehouses. All of that is gone of course and only the small museum and statue of the mule and replica of the train car are all that remain of that by gone era. The city is bounded by the 10 freeway on the south, Rancho Cucamonga to the east, the LA County Line and Montclair to the west and San Antonio Heights to the north, which is actually a part of Upland. It just happens to be the ritzy part. Average home cost in this area of Upland is $1.3 million. The city has one airport located along Benson Ave. It is called Cable General Aviation Airport and open to general aviation only. gdh
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