What Happened at Truman Middle School in Fontana

Hey did anyone go to Truman Middle School when it first opened 1996-1999?

I don't know about it being haunted, but I know something weird happened there. I went to school early before kids really started to show up and I went to the girls locker room to put by gym clothes away. The locker room was always locked in the morning, but this time it was ajar, I thought all right I'm lucky I can put my clothes away without waiting for the teachers to unlock the door. So I ran in put my clothes away then went to check my self out in the mirror in the girls bathroom in the back of the locker room. When I got there the toilet stalls were blocked off with yellow tape. I looked under the stall doors and there was nothing but blood all over the ground so much that it ran into every stall and the blood was also all over the toilet and walls of the first stall. I got scared and ran out of there so fast. I was wondering if anyone knew what had happened?

Did someone give birth or get murdered? Because that was too much blood to be someone rag.

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