The Dead Like to watch NASCAR races too...

Seems Fontana has its share of Ghosts as well as any other city in the Inland Empire. Here are few of the more seen or most sighted ghosts in the city.

In Heritage Village there is a ghost who is seen under a streetlight, and is even known to walk with people at a distance and just disappear if the people turn around to ask who it is that is following them. It seems that in 1996, a man was killed in a gang related shooting at this streetlight. It appears he is still seeking the reason behind his killing since the case was never brought to trial.

On numerous occasions, a ghost can be seen hovering people even though they don't even know they are being watched. One man says that even though he has moved from the house his grandmother still lives there and when he visits he feels a cold chill run up and down his spine.

A ghost has been seen sitting on a toilet at NASCAR races and even when guards and cleaning crews are in the area when no races are going on. At the same time, another ghost has been reported using the toilet in an abandoned home near the speedway. I guess a couple of people died while giving their lasts during races. Weird.

The spirit of a young man wearing a confederate uniform is once in a while witnessed down near the shore at Stone Reservoir sniveling. One of the local residents steadfastly declares that this ghost is that of a local person who dwelled here in Fontana during the civil war and who died shortly before the war ended. Maybe that's why he is sniveling. He almost made it through.

The spirit of a hobo has purportedly been spotted on a few occasions up on the peak of Jurupa Mountains howling. This one might be hard to swallow. Who in their right minds would be out climbing the Jurupa Hills in the middle of the night. Do Dogs need to go that far to poop.

The ghost of a young looking female drenched in blood was noticed flying across the Jurupa Mountains late at night. Numerous people in close proximity have had similar sightings with a quite similar ghost. Whatever people say, this ghost unquestionably is creepy; one that any common sensual person wouldn't want to bump into.

The ghost of an old hag appeared trying on socks in a Fontana residence. This is one of those ghosts that is spotted often nearby. A number of those who live here assert this phantom loves scaring unwise folks who have the courage to disrupt the silence in Fontana.

A man with a sizeable hole through his torso was made out examining Duncan Canyon in detail very late at night. The ghost did not mind that there was somebody other near.

A man having the head of a leprechaun came into view nosing around in mailboxes before sunrise in Fontana. When the watcher showed up the phantom escaped. It's been alleged that this particular ghost can be the soul of a local who passed away here in Fontana some decades ago. Well, this is a hostile phantom that you shouldn't go trying to find.

A partly decayed human body was noticed playing a fiddle in a Fontana building. The appearance of the bystander alarmed the ghost who then disappeared.

A woman on fire, grasping a gasoline bottle was spotted hauling a corpse through some bushes in Avalon Park around midnight. The ghost spoke of avenging a slaying.

A guy having a machete in his head may be distinguished repeatedly at California Citrus State Park tossing rocks at something only he can see. The Locals say that this ghost is the ghost of a visitor that was killed while walking Citrus ave several decades ago, most likely by a drunk driver.

Other odd sightings are of the ghost of a mailman who has sometimes been spotted looking for a photo underneath a parked VW in a Fontana parking lot after midnight. A female body has allegedly been distinguished on frequent instances in a Fontana area auto part store, pacing the aisles. How do they know its a female. It might be an x employee trying to clean up his or her's mess.

And finally but certainly the most unusual, is the ghost of a lady with a stiletto in her back who has often been made out munching on a fish before dawn by a road sign in Fontana just east of Sierra on foothill. My question, how do they know it is fish she is eating? By the smell. Wouldn't the smell of the dead be strong too.

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter


How do you know this??? Why is Fontana huanted??

Wait a minute!!! He has a machete in his head, and they think he was killed by a drunk driver??? LMAO!!!

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