The Cocky Bull is Back....

Might sound kind of funny for a flashy restaurant name, but its what's inside that counts....The Cocky Bull is famous for its big steaks and family atmosphere....We had several family gathering's there and I always had the 18 ounce T Bone Steak with all the trimmings....Man that was good.

Every thing about the Cocky Bull is big, including its ego....That's what got the restaurant into trouble in 2004...The owner got to big for his own good and felt he could do anything he wanted...Selling liquor to minors and allowing prostates to walk the parking lots didn't do what I thought was a great family eating establishment any favors....It was shut down for those many infractions and those big steak lovers like myself, lost a great place to eat.

But the CB has returned and is just as fine as it once was....The museum is once more open with many mementoes of the wild west, and you can still buy a ten gallon hat in the gift shop.

You can still buy the 16 oz Fillet or the 18 oz T-Bone and they are still grilled to perfection....The party atmosphere is back and the whole family can sit at the booths but most people and that includes my family like to sit at the picnic tables, and push them all together....The waitress's show up with menu's the size of Texas and there is even a live DJ on Friday and Saturday Nights so that you can tap your boots while you slice your steaks.

For the Vegetarians, there is a full salad bar, so they wont feel left out.....But who can resist the slow Chuck wagon style Bar Bee Q cookin with plenty of beef and pork ribs, a generous selection of steaks and there is even a chicken menu with everything from slow cooked bbq to teriyaki.

The Cocky Bull is open 7 days a week at 6 PM.....It is 100% country all of the time, so if you want to dress up in your Texas walking boots and western gear, they wont mind....On Sunday Night, they have live Country Bands

A landmark on Victorville’s frontier with Adelanto, the Cocky Bull restaurant and dance hall will reopen for business this summer.....Closed for the past two years, the restaurant languished on the edge of town, haunted by vandals and vagrants.

But with new ownership and the return of one of the management teams from the 1990s, the historic venue for western food and entertainment will soon open its doors.

Featuring an 80-square-foot dance floor and concert hall, the steakhouse and barbecue restaurant will offer live music several nights a week, including about two concerts each month from country music artists on tour...........Local bands will perform on weekends and a few weeknights, with karaoke and televised sporting events on other evenings. Dancing lessons for two-step and line dancing will also be offered.........First established 40 years ago, the Cocky Bull has hosted famous musicians, including Juice Newton, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Toby Keith.

Behind the Cocky Bull, space is available for rodeo events, and the new management expects to host two or three rodeos each summer.....The Cocky Bull is expected to have there grand opening this coming weekend of September 14th, 15 and the 16th....The Cocky Bull is located on old highway 395 and Highway 18 at 22581 outer Highway 18.....Maybe I'll see ya there.

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter.


The management teams from the 1990s, is in litigation against Mimi Song, and it Seems to me like Alan Barbish an aging wannabee rockstar, Bill Jensen a cockraoch-like real estate agent with little man syndrome and Mimi Song of Sperry Van Ness have taken away the family atmosphere the good food and replaced it with rubber hamburgers, blaring hip hop music, flashing disco lights and stripper go-go dancers in lingerie, showing more skin than you want your children to see.
They have sold off most of the antiques and museum pieces, and most of the decor Mike Showers put in to restore the original atmosphere, and painted the beautiful natural wood colored building black.
Some crimes go unpunished.

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