Temecula Valley Balloon Festival

The Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival is held each year in early June at Lake Skinner.

Lake Skinner is a Riverside County Park and is located at 37701 Warren Rd., Winchester, CA 92596. There is an admission fee to the Festival which includes the entertainment but no food or any of the beverages. People visiting the festival include visitors from San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange counties with 38,000 people attending during the Festival weekend.

The Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival offers a Festival within a Festival, with top-name concerts, wine tasting in the Wine Gardens, Kids Fair, Arts & Crafts and Commercial exhibits and the Food Court. Wine tasting features different premium wines from numerous Temecula Valley wineries as well as others from Southern California. Make your Festival experience memorable and book a hot air balloon flight.

Your flight will begin at sunrise as the balloon lifts gently into the sapphire skies above Lake Skinner. Balloons cannot "steer" and must fly with the gentle breezes of the air currents. You could find yourself back at the Festival grounds or floating gracefully over the Temecula Valley wine country. Either way your pilot will return you safely to the Festival and an afternoon of fun. Another unforgettable experience is the balloon lighting or Balloon Glow which takes place after sundown. Watching 20-50 or more hot air balloons lighting up and inflating all in the same place at the same time is an amazing site.

Spectator Tips:


1. Dress in layers. It is sometimes very cool in the morning, but once the sun has risen, it warms up considerably.

2. Bring lots of sunscreen. The bright sunshine and reflections can produce painful sunburn. Shade tents will be available for temporary relief.

3. Bring appropriate eye protection.

4. DON'T SMOKE anywhere near the hot air balloons. A lit cigarette could ignite a balloon's fuel tank.

5. Watch where you walk and drive. Do not drive and watch at the same time as balloon chase vehicles make sudden stops. If you are walking on fields, please avoid stepping on balloon canopies and ropes.

6. For the balloon glow, the balloons will be tethered and held down with heavy ropes. They will ignite their burners and glow to the beat of the music. Be careful that you don't walk or trip over the ropes in the dark.

7. Enjoy the glowing balloons from a safe distance. Children and adults should stay a reasonable distance away from the balloons. The operators will be very busy providing a wondrous show for our guests.

For more information visit the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival web page at www.tvbwf.com

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