The Christmas Star Shall Shine Once More

An object that I had always seen at Christmas time for the past 55 years, disappeared after the fires in 2003 had destroyed it and then again, after being The Christmas Star Shall shine Againrebuilt, when vandals stole it in 2006....I and many others thought, that we would never seen the Christmas Star ever again.....It has been a symbol of the Inland Empire....And it is back.

Skiing, Inland Empire style; The ski Resorts of the San Gabriel's

The Mountains to the north of Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Lavern and Fontana, are known as the San Gabriel Mt's, featuring some of the steepest terrain on the west coast. Snow fall varies from year to year, like 2006 which saw 260 inches of snow fall across the steep rims of Mt Cucamonga, Mt Ontario and Krata Ridge, to as little as this years 30 inches.

The Rich & Famous of Upland....I wonder if any of them remember me they remember me?

Well at least a couple of them.....

Ricky Adams, Was a Major League Baseball pitcher.....This can't be the same Ricky Adams I knew....He died while swimming off of Malibu back in the 70's....Ricky Adams was born on Wednesday, January 21, 1959, in Upland, California.....Adams was 23 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 15, 1982, with the California Angels.....He retired from baseball in 1985 after playing for one year with the San Francisco Giants.

Kevin Ara, Professional soccer player; Ara played his college soccer at Harvard University, where he had a rather distinguished career.....While at Harvard, he was named first team All-Ivy twice, second team once, was named first team All-New England twice and an NCAA All-American.....Ara was placed on the short list of finalists for the prestigious Herman Trophy during his senior season.....After graduating from Harvard, Ara was selected 24th overall in the 2004 MLS SuperDraft.....Ara, managed to make an impact and earned significant playing time during his 2004 rookie season while winning a championship with DC United.....After the 2004 season, Ara was selected 18th overall by Real Salt Lake in the Expansion Draft.....Kevin was born in Upland in 1982

Upland actor goes from Wal Mart to 'Pirates'

Upland Actor has part in both sequel's to Pirates of the CaribbeanDon't even think about messing with Dave Prak and Jonny Depp, even if Depp is a two-dimensional cardboard picture.....Prak, a resident of Upland stars in the two "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequels......He is seen often in "Pirates of the Caribbean 3, At World's End" as a member of Chow Yun-Fat's pirate crew, following up on a role as a cannibal in the second "Pirates" movie......Before that? He Worked at Wal Mart..

The Upland man was a salesman in the pet department for more than two years before leaving quietly in 2005 to pursue acting full-time.....He kept quiet about his acting gigs because he wasn't sure how anti-union Wal-Mart would feel about his Screen Actors Guild membership.....He was afraid that Wal Mart, one of the worlds largest Non Union employers, would fire him as soon as he divulged his acting aspirations.