What's in a Stop Sign?

Today about 50,000 cars pass through the intersection of Euclid and Foothill blvd each day under the control of traffic signals and those nasty red light cameras....80 years ago though, there weren't any traffic control at all, no stop signs and of course traffic signals had not been invented yet.....In fact the only signals of any sort on Euclid, were the people at the train crossings that would run out from shacks built along the tracks and close the gates and wave a red flag or red light at night to make cars stop as a train approached.

Those were the only stop signals of any sort at any intersection on Euclid, because the State Engineers said that stop signs weren't needed yet....Not enough traffic they said...They even sent a team down to count the cars that traveled up and down Euclid and crossed on Foothill after the city of Upland has complained....They did this on a Sunday Afternoon, when hardly any one was out driving around....Back then most people went to church and then went home....Most business's were closed on Sunday, so most people just stayed home on Sunday.

Uplands Fight for Independence....'Can't we all just get along?'

In early 1900 rumors of a new city rising in the Inland Empire were met with skeptics and angry retorts of "What's wrong with those UPLAND IN 1906people?" in letters to the editors of both local newspapers, the Ontario Record and the Upland News, both papers were in the heat of the battle.....There could be only one outcome....Cityhood for Upland.

By 1906 the war of words had intensified to a war of rocks and bricks being thrown at opposing groups as they stared off at each other in political gatherings....To read reports of both papers you would think that civil war was at hand, or perhaps even a new MODERN DAY UPLAND CIVIC CENTERRevolutionary War.....The Ontario Record thought the whole idea of Upland city was pretty much revolting....Letters of residents and the editor kept on emphasizing how much better off the region would be if Upland stayed a part of Ontario.....The Upland News on the other hand, was urging citizens of North Ontario, to officially change the name of the community to Upland and seek independence from the greedy landbarons of Ontario....They were talking about the Chaffey Bros, and the Local Winery God Fathers and that sort of talk offended a lot of people on both sides of the fight.

Upland's Old Santa Fe Depot New Home to Pacific Wine Merchants

Old Santa Fe Depot... new home of Pacific Wine Merchants

All aboarrrrrrrd!  Today we travel to downtown Upland to visit the historic railroad depot building, also known as "The Santa Fe Depot" and new home of Pacific Wine Merchants and Cigar Exchange  (PWM).  Founded in 1995, PMW is operated by longtime friends of the vine, Fred Paciocco, Managing Partner and Mark Heffernan, General Manager/Wine Buyer, both reside in Upland. 

PWM features over 600 different labels from all over the world, although premium California wines are offered in abundance including sparklers, reds, whites, rose' and desserts. "There is something here for all budgets with wines priced from $4.99 to several hundred dollars, including specialty releases and hard to finds.  Many bottles are available at 10.99.  Our selection is ever evolving and most unique.  I believe one of our strongest assets is our helpful and knowledgeable staff.  We know the wines, where they were made and more!  We pay attention to our customers and the details," said Fred.  PWM is located track side at 210 East 'A' Street (East of Euclid Avenue) near the Upland Metrolink Station (next to Boomer's Coffee Shop), just across the street from The Cooper Regional History Museum.

Night Life with a Buffalo Burger at The Buffalo Inn in Upland....

As you head west on Foothill (Route 66) crossing Central Ave and just about the time you are to pass into Montclair, you see a very Western Style Restaurant on the south side of the street.....Its unique Western Motif is also dominated by a equally unique Western styled sign....It reads the Buffalo Inn....What in the world is the Buffalo Inn? Do they serve Buffalo Meat or something.

As a matter of fact they do....The Buffalo Inn has been serving Buffalo burgers to residents and passerby's since 1929, when it was opened as a restaurant and tavern serving Buffalo burgers and draft beer.

The Buffalo Inn interior is also the predicted Western style, but the large trellised out door patio is a shaded area where in the summer time you can kick back and enjoy the restaurants signature Buffalo burger and a large draft, or perhaps a spicy Cajun chicken sandwich, a large pot of chili, a t-bone and another specially of the restaurant, there home made potato chips and at the same time listen to the nights live entertainment.