Trick or Treat, Bodies & Indians; a Bridge over a Troubled Route 66....

When I was in High School several people I knew were killed on Foothill (Route 66) just past the Bridge that crosses Foothill at Bear Gulch.....Back then, Foothill was very narrow and made a sharp turn to the left just as you passed under the bridge.....Baker was still a dirt road and the Mobile Home park that is on Foothill Today, did not exist back then.....A dense grove of Sycamore and Eculipitous Trees lined the road.

Upland Unified School District Marks 100 years

I read and heard from several friends of mine of an event at Upland High School, celebrating Upland School Districts 100 year....Actually i only though it was about 60 years old, but that’s okay, as I learned a lot from my friends.

I Went to Baldy View Elementary on 11 th street, then Upland Jr High on 11th street and then Upland High from 1963-64, then once again from 65 to 67 when I graduated...Upland High is also on 11 th...I guess the educators back then had a thing about keeping all of the schools on 11th right below Foothill, or route 66 as it was referred to back then.

Any way, there were no candles and no cake; no marching bands which I would like to see what my old buds in the Drum and Bugle Corps. are wearing these days, but that did not stop the local politicians and about 1,000 guests, from celebrating a milestone birthday for the Upland Unified School District on Saturday.

Uplands First Cop Was a One Armed Bad Ass....

I can remember when the Upland Police Force was all volunteer, and I think half of them lived on my block, and that might be right since there was only six of them....But, my story is about Uplands first legal law, not the various vigilante groups that seemed to rule the area in the late 1890 and into the early 1920's.....Uplands First Top Cop put a stop to them.

Jedd Sawyer was just Uplands first Chief even though there was at the time only one other deputy on the force, but he was fair to the Mexican population who where largely discriminated against during this time, and mean as hell to those who crossed his path, and all this with only one arm.

He was also the only man in Upland to be police chief longer, 29 years, and able to keep the small city peaceful, although he did manage to anger several of the local vintners when during the Prohibition era he actually dumped 350 gallons of one of the locals best vintage into the gutters.

The Great Depression comes to the Inland Empire, But Upland Found a way to not let families starve and build a new City Hall.

The Great Depression came to the Inland Empire in the early 1930's....From listening to my parents and other family members talk about the Great Depression, its a wonder they were able to survive....My dad for instance, went to live on the Thomas Mt. Indain reservation up near Anza where his family was, and even though the reservation was affected by the depression since it was overseen by the government, the residents were actually a little better off than the average citizen....My mom was living in Hemet with several family members as well as other families.

But here in Upland, as my uncle Jack described to me, things were just a little bit better, because of what the city did to make sure its residents suffered as little as possible, and at the same time this small program paid off in a big way several years later when it came time to build a new city hall complex.