More on the 1969 Inland Empire flood

Over the years there have been several floods in the IE. The most famous is the 1969 flood. In 1969, Day creek flooded down Haven ave running over 12 feet deep for the entire length of the highway. And Archibald, up above Hillside was in full flood. The Damn at the head of the canyon broke and all of the mud and debris either flowed down through the Horse Shoe Canyon and down Archibald or joined the raging Cucamonga Creek.

The Great Inland Empire Floods Of 1969

We need to go back a year to see how the floods of 1968 were enhanced by events. In December of 1968, we experienced a major freeze and snowfall. It was 25 degrees over a period of about two weeks previous to Christmas. Temps in the Mountains were down into the low teens and Mt Baldy even reported -10 degrees several nights.

Is there life after dark in the IE?

There are some hot hangouts scattered across the Inland Empire that offer live music, jazz, rockin' roll and soul and rap. There's something for everyone if live entertainment is what you are looking for. There is the Vault Martini Bar & Grill in Redlands for example. Only 11/2 years old, the Bar boasts talented live bands singing jazz, punk, funk and more on Wednesday and Saturday nights.