The History of Ontario International Airport.

Once Upon a Time in 1923, a group of airport enthusiasts who wanted an airport for Ontario, and who called themselves The first Friends of Ontario Airport, landed an airplane on a dirt road near San Antonio Avenue and the Union Pacific railroad track.....Back then there were no homes n the area, only packing companies and an Ice station next to the tracks, where they would add Ice to all of the box cars so they could carry the loads of oranges to Chicago....

Ontario Motor Speedway. The Race Track that rose from the vineyards only to fade into a quagmire of red tape

I watched the building of Ontario Motor Speedway, starting way back in 1968 and construction moved along at a pretty good clip until the devastating floods of 1969 that affected the entire Inland Empire.  After the floods work was stopped on the racetrack so that the completely flooded infield off-road track, car sheds and office facilities could be pumped out.

My Grand Mother was one of the First Students at Chaffey High.

I never attended Chaffey High, and was Felt lucky to attend Upland....The boundary for School Zones in my area was the 10 freeway, and I lived just north of the boundary by 2 blocks.....But many of my relatives attended Chaffey including my Grand Mother.....She was a member of the first class of 1911. The rivalry between the schools was such that during home coming week they had to put a guard on the Chaffey tiger which once stood out in front of the school on Euclid....Our Mascot was much easier to protect....One of the cheerleaders carried the Scottish Terrier during events. Chaffey High School was founded in 1883 by George Chaffey, one of the Chaffey Bros first as Chaffey Argricultal College on 20 acres on the corner of 4 th and Euclid....What is suppressing is that Ontario's population at that time was less than 1200 people....Hardly a thriving metropolis, but George was intent on changing that.

Ontario Starbucks stores seek toy donations

Article Launched: 12/19/2006 12:28:50 AM PST Six Starbucks stores in Ontario are looking to the public this holiday season to help one family receive a Christmas to remember. The coffee company is asking customers and partners to bring in new toys, clothing, school supplies and household essentials for the deserving family. Donatations should be toys for boys and girls who range in age from 7 months to 17 years. Those interested in donating can do so at stores located at Archibald and Inland; Daybreak Plaza; Vineyard and Walnut; Jurupa and the 15 Freeway; Grand and Pipeline; and Central and Walnut. Donations will be accepted until Monday. http://www.dailybulletin.com/news/ci_4865559