City of the Dead....Bellevue Memorial in Ontario

Holds more than 51,000 souls and their stories.....And I know at least 30 of them.....that's how many family members are buried there....Am I next....No, even though my dad is there, and grandfather and grandmothers, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews, I have chosen to go elsewhere....Hope I am not missed.

I have taken many trips to the cemetery, under my own steam, thankfully over the years to visit numerous family members, and they say that dead men tell no tales....true, not if you dont know them....But if you know them, and hold there stories in your heart, there are many different stories to tell....some sad, some tragic, some expected, and a couple that were a complete shock to the family.

A man whom I met several years ago is going to retire....His name is Bud Christian and he has decided that after 18 years of running Bellevue Memorial Park in Ontario that it is time to put away the shovel and enjoy his last few remaining years before he himself finds himself there.....The Cemetery founded in 1892 and located on Mountain ave and G street and it is the final resting place for many who live in Ontario, Upland, Chino and other areas of the IE.

New Urgent Care Facility is open in Ontario.

If you need urgent medical attention, now there is one more facility to go to than just San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland, which has always been a problem for people who lived in Ontario or western Fontana.

The new facility is located at the Gateway Shopping Center, out by Ontario Mills, In Ontario.....Here you will be able to find services for DV Urgent Care and Radiology, all run by San Antonio Community Hospital.....The 3,000 square foot facility has six exam rooms and will provide nonimmediate urgent care for everything from chest-x-rays to treatment for minor cuts.
Why San Antonio and not Ontario Medical center....That was obvious to the people who wanted something better for the citizens of Ontario.....The collaboration between Upland Hospital, Ontario city officials and a group called Healthy Ontario, was formed to bring better health care to Ontario.....The only other medical facilities close by were Montclair's Doctors Hospital which is undergoing some fundamental changes and Pomona Valley Urgent Care Center.....Loma Linda is the main Trauma care facility for the entire Inland Empire....Even San Antonio sends all of its burn victims and extreme trauma cases to Loma Linda after emergency triage.

The Mule Cars.....

went Sailing down Euclid with the Mule's Ears Flapping in the wind...

My grandmother, said she took the Mule Car to school every day, but she never said which school....She didn't attend Chaffey until 1911 and by then the Mule Car was already gathering dust in a field south of Holt, but she Restored, the Mule Looks Like he ready to goalways told me she could remember watching the Mule standing on its platform with what looked like a big grin on his snout and his ears flapping in the winds.....Maybe the Santa Ana Winds I told her, the conductor acted like he was holding on for dear life as he guided the car down the wide center medium of Euclid at about 5 mph.

Firm to pay homage to original Guasti Villa

Redeveloping the Guasti Villa will be a tricky undertaking for development firm Oliver McMillan, which purchased the 49 acres in June 2006 for $35million.. The historic district, once home to a thriving winery town, has been a source of pride for the region... Its stone, Tuscan-style architecture still awes visitors.. So it's not as if Oliver McMillan were developing on virgin land.