The Cocky Bull is Back....

Might sound kind of funny for a flashy restaurant name, but its what's inside that counts....The Cocky Bull is famous for its big steaks and family atmosphere....We had several family gathering's there and I always had the 18 ounce T Bone Steak with all the trimmings....Man that was good.

Every thing about the Cocky Bull is big, including its ego....That's what got the restaurant into trouble in 2004...The owner got to big for his own good and felt he could do anything he wanted...Selling liquor to minors and allowing prostates to walk the parking lots didn't do what I thought was a great family eating establishment any favors....It was shut down for those many infractions and those big steak lovers like myself, lost a great place to eat.

Fossils found in the I.E. uncover the past

The Inland Empire has a very interesting ancient past. Take a walk through the open desert and you can find anything from arrow-heads, ancient burial sites from early-man and native Indians, even fossils of woolly-mammoths and saber-tooth tigers. No need to drive all the way to the La Brea Tar Pits, there are as many or more ancient finds in the I.E. than downtown Los Angeles!