Lake Elsinore

Grand opening of New Club 6.22.12

The Function Friday nights inside Mexicali Bar and Grill located 1690 Spruce St. Riverside CA 92507. Offering weekly events, parties, concerts and social mixers from 9pm to 2am The Function is one of the hottest networks for mingling, dancing, and partying in the Inland Empire. Featuring live performances from the artist you love The Function is the IE'S premier nightlife destination for Friday night fun and entertainment. Events are 21 plus. Bar happy hours are 7pm-9pm. For more information or guest list call (310)402-8626 email

Lake Elsinore, a small community on the edge.


Boat Ramps at North BeachI first came to know Lake Elsinore when my parents drove down on old highway 71 in 1960 to take a look at homes that were just building in the area....Lake Elsinore is in Riverside County as such, many homes built by private residents were simply Mobile homes set down on prelaid concrete slabs, while other condos and apartment buildings were built just like any other in the Inland Empire.

Lake Elsinore was incorporated as a city in 1888 but was inhabited well before then by Ranchers, a few Indians and not more than a few scofflaws escaping from LA......It seems that even today, many people move out to the area to escape there past lives in the ghettos of LA....The lake was once a natural lake fed by springs and small springs coming down from the Santa Rosa hills located just west of the city, where highway 74 crosses over into Orange County and heads for San Quan Capistrano, but because of building and Avocado Trees being planted in the hills, water was diverted for these reasons and the lake went dry in the 1930s......In the early 1960s it was refilled.