Grand opening of New Club 6.22.12

The Function Friday nights inside Mexicali Bar and Grill located 1690 Spruce St. Riverside CA 92507. Offering weekly events, parties, concerts and social mixers from 9pm to 2am The Function is one of the hottest networks for mingling, dancing, and partying in the Inland Empire. Featuring live performances from the artist you love The Function is the IE'S premier nightlife destination for Friday night fun and entertainment. Events are 21 plus. Bar happy hours are 7pm-9pm. For more information or guest list call (310)402-8626 email

Y not try the Y not Tavern....

Next time you find your self out in the Perris Valley working or visiting friends or just sight seeing Y not try stopping by the Y Not Tavern located on 41 south D St located on the west side of town over by the CDF Fire Command Center.

A small unassuming location just south of the Perris Manson and CDF center it is a nice neighbor hood eatery, with very good and friendly service.

As soon as you enter the door you are greeted by a friendly Hostess who will ask if you prefer a table or table or you can just browse around and find your own seat. Works both ways.

they have a light grill, meaning they serve a variety of easy to cook foods, from hamburgers and french fries to sirloin and rib eye steaks, salads, soups and a full compliment of beers, even some local favorites are on tap.

The Orange Empire Rolls on in the Inland Empire.

The Orange Empire Emblem


The original Pacific Electric Red Car Lines ran from Down Town LA out Garvey ave then turned northward in Baldwin Park as it continued east into West Covina, then into San Dimas, Lavern, Montclair then into Upland using the tracks that ran just above 10th street....A subroute turned south along the then dirt road of Euclid, south into Ontario, with stops at Chaffey College and ending at the UP tracks below Holt.

The Line in Upland continued till it got to around the San Bernardino and Grove area....It split one line going south along grove all the way to 7th street.....The main line moved into Cucamonga and crossed Foothill using the Pacific Electric Subway Bridge....It moved in a north east direction along the base of Red Hill and Behind the Sycamore Inn....It then crossed Vineyard which at that time was a one lane water way on the old Cucamonga Creek Byway....The line made its way into old Alta Loma on Amethyst, with a small depot there....The line then moved east along the future route of Baseline, then crossed Haven and ran parallel with Baseline....One line turned south and then parallel Foothill so it could get into the Wineries...This was a freight line shared with the red cars....It then crossed Foothill right before Milliken....If you drive out Foothill today, the only trace of the old line is a jog in the roadway to the south just before the Lights at Milliken, and then the tracks that come north from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe into the modern day factories and numerous companies along Arrow and down towards 8th.....That jog is a result of the angle that the tracks made across Foothill....And It has never been fixed....You must also remember that there were no flashing lights or crossing gates any where along any of the Pacific Electric Lines....Every thing just moved at much slower pace back then....The Tracks to the North ran along Baseline then went east, crossed Foothill at Lime and down thru Fontana.