San Jacinto

What I Personally Experienced at the Estudillo / Soboba Rd Mansion

Hi all,

I'm Kitty, the woman who started this.  My daughter and I were the first people to enter the old JA Estudillo Estate in several years.  We were not looking for ghosts or anything of that nature.  We are photographers and I am an amature historian.  We went with the intent to capture some awesome shots for our portfolios of historic decay.

I looked forward to the feeling of history and the sense of the people who lived there and the lives they lived.  This has always been my favorite part of exploring old buildings and homeplaces.  Perhaps its the residual haunting that I look for?  I may never know.

We had quite an experience that day and ......

History of the Soboba Rd. Estudillo Mansion

For anyone interested in the history of the Soboba Road Estudillo property, I have been researching hard copy stuff, newspapers, government records, pictures, etc. I am still putting my notes together and filling in blanks

The land was Luisueno land before it belonged to Estudillo or the mission (San Luis Rey) There was a village very close to the property.

Jose A Estudillo died while fighting a forest fire in the mountains as a forest ranger, on 1901. His wife died in Riverside in 1926

Unidentifiable EVP or Voice recording from Soboba Mansion

Last week I went along with a paranormal investigation group at the Soboba Road Mansion. Toward the end of the night one of the investigators heard a voice in his ear - the other investigators joked with him that he was crazy but after reviewing the audio evidence we found that the sound was captured:

Ghost Busted At Estudillo Mansion on Soboba Road

 As I suspected, but had to go back to the Mansion to confirm, there was a perfectly logical explanation for the Paranormal Activity we thought we caught on video-tape during our last trip.  I would try to detail it in words, but since a picture speaks a thousand of them, and a video even more, I will let it do the talking: