The city of Fontana, California

Pioneer Ghost Girl in Fontana (YouTube Video)

Hi, I just came across a really creepy video on YouTube of a limping ghost of a girl walking in the night apparently caught on a night vision camera. I'm not into video editing and honestly can't tell if it is a morphed video or real but my gut feels like it is real. 

So check it out for yourselves - maybe someone can add to this story I've not heard about it before but frankly the video gives me the creeps to the point it is plausible in my opinion as real

South Fontana annual reunions in August

I grew up in South Fontana in the 1950's/1960's. Yes, I know that makes me a old man now. Over the last couple of years I've heard (belatedly) about reunions for people who lived in South Fontana in years past. These seem to usually be held in August at the Regional park at the foot of the Jurupa Hills off of Sierra. Can anyone tell me when the next one will be or whether there is some kind of schedule (like 2nd or 3rd Sunday in August etc)? I'd like to visit one but I have to fit it into my work/travel plans since I would have to travel some distance to get there.