Memories of the Grand Prix Fire in October 2003

Prior to July 2006, the last big fire we had in the Inland Empire was the Grand Prix fire in October of 2003. Although I have lived in the foothills (Monrovia, Azusa, Upland, and Rancho Cucamonga) all my life - and never any further from the mountains than 1/4-mile, never had a brush fire affected my family the way the Grand-Prix fire did.

More on the 1969 Inland Empire flood

Over the years there have been several floods in the IE. The most famous is the 1969 flood. In 1969, Day creek flooded down Haven ave running over 12 feet deep for the entire length of the highway. And Archibald, up above Hillside was in full flood. The Damn at the head of the canyon broke and all of the mud and debris either flowed down through the Horse Shoe Canyon and down Archibald or joined the raging Cucamonga Creek.