Rodney the King of Rialto is Finally Dead

 Rodney The King of Rialto is finally dead!   When I heard the news this morning I was not surprised.  This piece of *explitive* that hit the jackpot has been arrested over 10 times in the last 20 years for things like domestic violance and (more) drunk driving.  Most people that get their asses kicked by police after being chased and pulled-over for drunk driving would learn that drinking and driving is a bad idea, but not this genius.

The Rich & Famous & History & Trivia of Rialto

A small band of Serrano Indians were the first inhabitants of the area near the Cajon Basin River, in an area bounded by route 66 on the south and Baseline on the North. Artifacts discovered by archaeologist suggest that the city of Rialto was settled prior to the year 1500. Such artifacts, now found at the Rialto Historical Society, indicate that the Serrano Indians lived in the Rialto area between 1500 and 1800....They most likely broke off from the Serrano's that lived on the Northern Deserts and in the deep creek area for hundreds of years..

Measure 1 Street Projects in the Inland Empire Your Tax Dollars at Work

In addition to freeway projects, Measure I provides funds for major street improvements throughout the San Bernardino Valley. These funds are used for major rehabilitation, construction or reconstruction of main thoroughfares, also called arterial streets. A Measure I Arterial Program Five Year Plan is adopted each year to allocate funds for these streets. The following streets have been improved or identified for improvement since Measure I's passage: Widening of Baseline, City of Highland Widening of E Street, City of San Bernardino