Murder most Foul, Delicious Food fit for a King, Await you at Castle Park in Riverside....

Every day for several years I passed this place along side of the 91 westbound on the south side of Riverside just north of the Corona area, and often wondered what kind of place it was....Then one day I had to deliver some court papers to the office from Ragging Waters in Valencia for signature by management....I had a few minutes to stroll around, and I discovered this Castle Park deserved much more than a causal glance from the 91 freeway.

Castle Park was built back in 1976 much on the same scale as other family styled amusement parks....It started out looking like your standard Bullwinkle's or another children's destination Chuck & Chesses.....But the similarity soon ended....The Owners, who by the way are the same people who own Magic Mountain in Valencia, built Castle Park as the Ultimate Family Entertainment Park in the US....And as Castle Park continued to expand and add new rides, tearing out some of the older ones that did not draw as well, eventually won the park the coveted title, Best Family Attraction in the Inland Empire.

The Coachman Steak House in Riverside....

is your destination if you want a simple casual night of feasting, but with food to match any classic steakhouse's reputation, and entertainment into the wee hours of the night.

Lets talk about there food, because it is really quite good and they offer a wide selection of items to satisfy anyone's taste buds....The Appetizer menu offers fried Zucchini, fried Zucchini with Cheese, Rumaki Bay Shrimp, Sautéed Mushrooms, Escargot (Snails), Steamed Clams, a Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail that will set your taste buds on fire, and a Greek Steak Broiled to Order.....I have never tried the Greek Steak, but I understand it is an acquired taste.

From the Oven and Broiler you can order several different dinner types, from the Fried Chicken Breast to a Vegetable Plate

Spanish Historical Buildings of Riverside make the downtown area of the City Unique in the Inland Empire

I have worked in Downtown Riverside and was aware of two buildings that always caught my attention....One was the Mission Inn and the other was the Train Station....It wasn't till I started really looking that I realized that there were several buildings in the City of a Historical Nature, and I happened to work in one of them and eat in one of the others.

Here are a few of the more important buildings that make up the unique atmosphere of Riverside.
The first is the Arcade Building located at 3602 University Ave in Riverside....I actually worked in this office building when I worked for Express Process Servers in 1996 through 1998....This old building has many twist and turns and even hidden walkways embedded in the structure of the building.....Getting out to the new parking structure built along side was even an adventure as you had to go up elevators that were 70 years old, slow as molasses and then walking on a metal bridge out across the lower floors....Built in 1928, this Spanish Renaissance building is an example of the arcade style popular in Riverside from 1928- 29 and has been retro-fitted for earth quake safety.