Strange things go bump in the night at Riversides oldest cemeteries.

Add in some shadowy figures, ungodly screams, guns shots heard in the middle of the night and no one around and fresh footprints on head stones in the morning is enough to make any ghost hunter happy.

But it seems that several graveyards have their share of ghostly apperations. Recently ghost hunters visited Colton's Agua Mansa Cemetery to investigate some recent activity. One grave site was of great interest to them. The grave was marked only by a splintered wooden cross leaning on its side in the knee high grass.


The RAXX BBQ in Down Town riverside is one of those places that succeeds by word of mouth, and its success is worthy of what is said about the food and beer here.

The RAXX is not to far from where the company i worked for had it's office, so when ever I had the time I would pop on down to the RAXX for a Sandwich Dinner and if it was near dinner time I would grab two takeouts for home.

The owners of RAXX have a big sign on there wall that you can see from the outside of the building or as you walk in thru the front door...Of course if the smell doesn't bring you in, your nose must be plugged....Anyway this signs says it all about the overall World View of the RAXX.....Rub It, Heat It, Slap It, Eat It.....The first time I saw this sign I had to ask the waitress what in the world that meant....Rub it refers to the way the secret spices are rubbed onto the meat....Heat it means at least 18 hours in the BBQ slow cooking over oak and white wood.....Slap it refers to the wet rub they put on the meat as it nears perfection....Eat it....Well, I got that real fast....If you on the otherhand, have to be told what that means, you can leave now.

The Lake Alice Trading Company is Your Watering Hole for Night Time Entertainment in Riverside.

Located at 3616 University Ave just on the other side of Market Street, the Lake Alice Trading Company is your destination if you are looking for place that is fun, where you can make as much as a mess as you want and they will clean it for you....They can handle groups from 10 to 200...All you have to do is give them a call and ample warning that you are coming and they will be ready for you and all you have to pay for is the food and beverages your group eats in a special reserved room set aside at no additional charge.

As i wrote above, this place is ready for you when your group arrives....they will make sure that your group has plenty of pool tables, football tables and pinball games at your disposal....Meanwhile you are free to roam the grounds and see what else is happening with other groups, or pull up a bar stool and enjoy what ever game happens to be on....On Thursdays, they have Karaoke, and live Music on the weekends and a jukebox that plays over 100,000 songs the rest of the week.