CupcakeCamp Inland Empire

Cupcake Camp IE is a gathering of cupcake-lovers to raise money for a good cause. How can you not love these cute miniature cakes with bright dollops of frosting on top? Bake or buy cupcakes to bring  or  just come to eat and help support the charity.  Activities include cupcake tasting, raffles, baker competition, kids’ area, fundraiser and more.  The spirit of Cupcake Camp is SHARING: share cupcakes, share our joy of cupcakes, and share our fortune with those less fortunate than us.

Christmas Lights In Riverside

Holidays are coming…holidays are coming…holidays are coming…We are excited for everyone to see the 32,000 lights decorating our house this year. It took all year to plan and several days to set up, but we are ready! Our show this year is a synchronization of lights to seven entertaining Christmas songs (including one popular cola commercial). In addition to lights covering the house and roof, this year we have added a mega tree and arches of leaping lights that cross our yard. We are also collecting non-perishable food to help support those who feed needy families in our community.