San Bernardino

The Mormons In the IE....A tale of murder, gold, greed and Indian wars.

Mormon Leader Brigham Young declared in 1851 that the church desired a west coast port city to shorten the route overland for European converts and a trading city to the far east. Thus in March 1851 the first group of Mormon settlers bound for California left Utah....Almost three months later the group arrived at the top of the Cajon Pass....There they decided to stop for a while and fix anything broken and wait for another party to join them from Arkansas.....While waiting they continued to have church services and school for the children and also did a lot of gold mining in the upper Cajon and Lyttle creek areas....No mentioned in the history books is made of how much or if any gold was discovered. In late August the group of almost 1,000 Mormons descended down through the pass and making camp where the present day campus of San Bernardino State is located.....In September, after some negations with the Spanish Missionaries and the Don Lugo Family, the Mormons bought Rancho San Bernardino for $77,500....The sale being made entirely of credit of future sales of farm products.

Measure 1 Street Projects in the Inland Empire Your Tax Dollars at Work

In addition to freeway projects, Measure I provides funds for major street improvements throughout the San Bernardino Valley. These funds are used for major rehabilitation, construction or reconstruction of main thoroughfares, also called arterial streets. A Measure I Arterial Program Five Year Plan is adopted each year to allocate funds for these streets. The following streets have been improved or identified for improvement since Measure I's passage: Widening of Baseline, City of Highland Widening of E Street, City of San Bernardino

Is there life after dark in the IE?

There are some hot hangouts scattered across the Inland Empire that offer live music, jazz, rockin' roll and soul and rap. There's something for everyone if live entertainment is what you are looking for. There is the Vault Martini Bar & Grill in Redlands for example. Only 11/2 years old, the Bar boasts talented live bands singing jazz, punk, funk and more on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Holcomb Valley ghost town

Even though nothing much remains of the booming mining days of this gold area of the San Bernardino Mountians, this area is still visited by hundreds of tourists every summer. Nestled between Fawnskin and Highway 18, just above Big Bear it's less than an hour's drive from the city.