San Bernardino

Agua Mansa Road Ghost

One day we decided to go off roading down by the Santa Ana river off of Agua Mansa Road. This part of Agua Mansa near the river is where a lot of people gather for off road and BBQ.

Well anyways one of the guys that went with us saw a ghost apparition of a little Indian girl. He thought he was going to run over her but then she disappeared right in front of him! He really freaked out and swore never to go back there again.

Plus Size Men & Women People Search for Inland Empire Calender

Lira Consulting Group is Launching an Inland Empire Plus Size Calender for Men & Women. The Calender will be published for 2011.

We will also be making the calender available for agencies and other companies that hire plus size people. 

Looking for Plus Size people to be involved.  If you are interested, send a regular photo to:


Omnirans Proposes Service Cuts

Faced with cutbacks in state funding and a drastic decline in sales tax revenues, Omnitrans is proposing to implement service reductions along with other internal cost cutting strategies to address a $8.7 million projected budget shortfall for 2010-11.
Community meetings will be held March 29 through April 1 to gather public input on the proposals. Changes are proposed to take effect in September 2010.