Inside The Inland Empire

More new stuff at !

Hello all; Just another quick update on what's going on at .

Several New Members!

We've gotten lots of new member sign-up in the last few weeks - welcome to all of you! Remember, (new and old members) is the website written by the people that live here! If you haven't done so lately, come visit the site and write a new page of your own! You can create a page about anything you want (as long as it's related to the IE) - Eat at a new restaurant recently? Write a review! Did a new shopping center open in your neighborhood? Tell us about it! Got a secret shortcut for getting to the airport (or wherever) tell us about it!

Changes at !

Just a quick note to let you know what's been going on at the website:
  • No more moderation que! Many of you have complained about creating a page but not being able to see it for hours as it sits in 'moderation' awaiting approval. Well, we trust you! Now, pages are posted and made public immediately.

Any I.E. photo requests?

Hello all; Over the last week or two I've received requests to take photos of different places in the I.E., so later this week I'm going to take a few days off from work and do a few photo trips. If you have any places/things that you would like me to take photos of (so that you can then write about them) please send me an email at I'll put them on my list and try to get some good shots.