smoke stacks in Jurupa Valley

I live on Corte Castillo in Jurupa Valley. At the end of the street is a trail. The trail leads to 2 formations that look like smoke stacks. There is structure that resembles a large swimming pool. There is an old cell tower. Further on is a reservoir with small fish and water life. We are extremely curious about what was once there. We've asked long time residents and they have no answers. Please help inform us!


I too have been curious about those structures but never did the research. I took some Google earth photos and posted them on facebook on a couple of Fontana pages to see what people knew. There is another stack on the north side of the 60 on the hill above southridge in Fontana. On Google earth, the dirt road at pyrite where the acid pits are, follow it and you'll bump into the third stack. There is still a lot of mystery on the subject area tho, lots of opinion and speculation. Hope this helps your curiosity. It does mine. But wanna know more.
This is a comment from an older gent from Fontana.

The buildings with smoke stacks are incinerators --- to burn solid waste materials during the dumping days. The ponds were used to expose waste liquids to sunlight and radiation for vaporization. Ponds near the water table are often dug out to expose polluted ground water for sunlight evaporation. That was the concept when San Bernardino wanted to created canals in the city.

Others say the stacks are ventilators for the nuclear and other toxic waste that's been dumped.

Thank you so much it all makes sense now!

You're welcome.

Here is another comment given, Vent pipe for Metropolitan Water District under ground pipe ,this is marked on most maps of this area....