The Scariest Place In Alta Loma

The scariest and most haunted house in Alta Loma is just north of Hillside, east of Hermosa Ave. in an area known as 'The Woods' of Alta Loma, only a few streets from the base of the mountain.  This haunted house story is more interesting than your average 'haunted house' story because it's not about some 100 year old home or winery, it's about a fairly new home built in 1989 and everything is verifiable.  These things all happened in the mid to late 1990's and any of the neighbors can confirm the details and the incident was actually reported in the Daily Bulletin newspaper.

The house is on a 1/2 acre horse property with over 150 eucalyptus trees.  Several people have commented that it looks like something out of the movie 'Blair Witch Project' and say it is scary looking at night even if nothing happened there.  The house itself is tutor style and small for the area at only about 2200 sq. feet and 3 bedrooms.  All the other houses in the area are much larger.

The original owner was a contractor and built the home himself, literally with his own hands as a gift to the love of his life whom he had just married a few years before.  They lived happily for a few years and had twin girls that went to Vineyard Jr High down the street at Hermosa and Highland Ave.

The story goes that after being served divorce papers the man grew severely depressed.  When the soon to be ex-wife demanded that he move out of the home that he not only owned, but built himself, he swore on his life that he would never leave.  The next day he waited for his wife and twin daughters to leave for school & work, got his shotgun, went to his favorite sitting area beneath one of the larger eucalyptus trees, put the barrel in his mouth, his toe on the trigger, and blew the better part of his head off.

Upon returning home from school that afternoon the girls became concerned that the back door was open, the TV was on, etc, and went searching for their father.  One girl searched the front of the property, the other, the back of the property.  When the girl found her father's mostly decapitated body in the back yard she began screaming so uncontrollably that the neighbors called the police thinking a crime was occurring.  The girl was so traumatized by finding her father this way that a few weeks later she also killed herself in the house by slitting her wrists in the bathtub.  The mother and other daughter sold the home and moved out shortly after.  The house has had several owners since - not one of them staying any longer than about a year because of the strange happenings inside and outside the home.

Neighbors and locals walking the horse-trail behind the home report seeing the figure of the husband wondering aimlessly at night thru the trees.   You can also hear the screaming of the daughter as the wind blows through the trees at night.  People that have lived in the house have told neighbors that they also hear the screams of the teenage girl and sometimes hear the words "daddy" being whispered when it's quite in the house. When it's windy they also report seeing a shadow figure move through the trees at night.

If you are ever walking through the horse trails above Hillside Avenue and east of Hermosa, look for the yard with a lot of trees and the smallest house in the area.  If you want to see or hear the ghosts, go back at night and you can hear the screams of the girl and might see the father or his shadow wandering the property that he swore he would never leave.


It's right off Hermosa and Snowbird.

Its off of Hermosa and Snowbird, if you go right on Whispering Forest then you make another right on Snowbird, there will be a culter sac that you turn around and it like the smallest house on the right hand side after you have turned on the end of the street, its full of trees in the front and back and if you want you could go up Hermosa to Vista Grove and make a right there will be a house on the left and you could see the back of his house if you walk down the horse trail a couple feet, theres a white bench I believe in the backyard, if you where to go to google maps and put in snowbird and Hermosa you will see its the smallest house in that whole area, Good luck and dnt let the spirits get you to bad, cause they scared the shit out of me and also I heard a little girl screaming really lightly when I was walking down the horse trail my niece looked at me and said auntie did u hear that, boy its like we said it at the same time, Ill tell you gave me goose bumbs and I got the heck out of there, Ill tell you Ive been to a couple houses up there trying to find that house and let me tell you the first house we thought was it was more scarier then the one on Snowbird, there is alot of crazy stuff going on up in the woods, I could tell u some stories thats pretty scarey that happened to me and some of my friends up there and also up there in mt. baldy, No Joke!!!:)

I found it off your description so thank you! There was a car in the drive way so it is inhabited. I didnt want to rile the locals so I left.......

Based on the description in the story and based on comments and my many years of living in the area, I am guessing this is a house on Whispering Forest. It fits the location and the description although it has been cleaned up a lot in the last 10 years so it does not have that "blair witch" look anymore, but 10 or 15 years ago it sure did.

There is also a house on Snowbird drive that could pass for it based on the description and location.

Where is the house located at? You mentioned Whispering Forest and Snowbird st. are they located in Alta Loma? I live in Rancho Cucamonga and have lived here for 30 years and was very curious to know if that is a true story or is it all made up, plz get back to me.... Thank You.....

Sounds great okay could you tell me its on Whispering Forest where about cause I turned right off of Hermosa to Whispering Forest and went up and around it till I seen the horse trail, also it seems like I seen a couple houses that could be it but really have no clue? I know its like a tudor looking house but there seems to be alot of those kind of houses in that area, isnt it a smaller house 2200 sq. also not to mention theres trees allmost on every house u see, do I have the right location" Do you know the address? How far to I go up Whispering Forest?

I know the place, I have walked by it many times without knowing any of these stories and have felt the same eery feelings I use to get at my parents home close by there off of banyan. My parents first home was completely haunted. Footsteps upstairs when the family is all watching T.V downstairs. Running down the halls in the middle of the night. Heavy slamming although nothing is knocked over, and the worst for me was how it could take th eform of my brother our sister. I was 11 my sister 16 and it was around 430pm on a weekday. I was watching Tail Spin on the disney channel. My sister came to the entry way, looked at me and didnt move. I said high 3 times before I realized something was wrong she wasnt moving nor blinking. I called to her, stood up and she vanished. I ran outside and wouldnt go inside until my folks came home. That same week I was filling my dogs water bowl after school again when I was alone and in the window was my brother. I made a funny face and splashed the hose on the kitchen window. He also did not move nor blink. As I touched the window and knocked he also vanished. I was home alone on both accounts. For years this effected my childhood and I had a hard time with things like confidence because I couldnt share my story. Today I'm not afraid to share and while the feelings I sometimes get make me squimish if one I have learned anything is they can not harm you, but man can they really play with your head....

If you know where the house is located plz get back to us cause were curious, also if its a true story, its kinda sad if it is cause he made the house for his wife then she's wants to kick him to the curb that's really obserd and really selfish on her part but all in all I dnt know the whole story and if this really happened, so get back to us and let us know where the house is located...

I went to this house today... seemed pretty harmless but I'm sure at night it's a total different story. It's super easy to find...there's even a perfect view on google earth. I'll start my searching this evening to find out more about the family. Cute house but doesn't really fit to match the houses around it. Tons of trees for sure.

Great finally found someone that could tell us all where it is located, It probably seemed pretty normal cause it was daytime but all in all you know how are minds work when we all know the history behind that story, I myself dont let my mind take over the situation, I go by my first impressions and really dnt focus on what happened there right away cause its all down hill from there, anyways we all know when its dark outside its totally a different situation, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me where the location is, we all
really want to know where it is, so do us all a favor and let us know the address since you were just there if you dnt know it could u tell us the crossing streets where it is located, it sure would save alot of time and money due to gas prices these day. joke, thanks a million ur a doll..


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