The Scariest Place In Alta Loma

The scariest and most haunted house in Alta Loma is just north of Hillside, east of Hermosa Ave. in an area known as 'The Woods' of Alta Loma, only a few streets from the base of the mountain.  This haunted house story is more interesting than your average 'haunted house' story because it's not about some 100 year old home or winery, it's about a fairly new home built in 1989 and everything is verifiable.  These things all happened in the mid to late 1990's and any of the neighbors can confirm the details and the incident was actually reported in the Daily Bulletin newspaper.

The house is on a 1/2 acre horse property with over 150 eucalyptus trees.  Several people have commented that it looks like something out of the movie 'Blair Witch Project' and say it is scary looking at night even if nothing happened there.  The house itself is tutor style and small for the area at only about 2200 sq. feet and 3 bedrooms.  All the other houses in the area are much larger.

The original owner was a contractor and built the home himself, literally with his own hands as a gift to the love of his life whom he had just married a few years before.  They lived happily for a few years and had twin girls that went to Vineyard Jr High down the street at Hermosa and Highland Ave.

The story goes that after being served divorce papers the man grew severely depressed.  When the soon to be ex-wife demanded that he move out of the home that he not only owned, but built himself, he swore on his life that he would never leave.  The next day he waited for his wife and twin daughters to leave for school & work, got his shotgun, went to his favorite sitting area beneath one of the larger eucalyptus trees, put the barrel in his mouth, his toe on the trigger, and blew the better part of his head off.

Upon returning home from school that afternoon the girls became concerned that the back door was open, the TV was on, etc, and went searching for their father.  One girl searched the front of the property, the other, the back of the property.  When the girl found her father's mostly decapitated body in the back yard she began screaming so uncontrollably that the neighbors called the police thinking a crime was occurring.  The girl was so traumatized by finding her father this way that a few weeks later she also killed herself in the house by slitting her wrists in the bathtub.  The mother and other daughter sold the home and moved out shortly after.  The house has had several owners since - not one of them staying any longer than about a year because of the strange happenings inside and outside the home.

Neighbors and locals walking the horse-trail behind the home report seeing the figure of the husband wondering aimlessly at night thru the trees.   You can also hear the screaming of the daughter as the wind blows through the trees at night.  People that have lived in the house have told neighbors that they also hear the screams of the teenage girl and sometimes hear the words "daddy" being whispered when it's quite in the house. When it's windy they also report seeing a shadow figure move through the trees at night.

If you are ever walking through the horse trails above Hillside Avenue and east of Hermosa, look for the yard with a lot of trees and the smallest house in the area.  If you want to see or hear the ghosts, go back at night and you can hear the screams of the girl and might see the father or his shadow wandering the property that he swore he would never leave.


 Unexplained phenomenon does not = ghosts.

Just get a video camera and confirm your experiences beyond a shadow of a doubt, and you will not only become rich and famous, but you will also change the course of history and everything we know about life, death, and the afterlife.. Because, once again, nobody has been able to prove any of these type stories  -- ever...

I would be wiling to bet $$ that if something was thrown at you, there was someone nearby and coincidentally within throwing distance.

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Blah blab and the conversation continues. You and your odd determination are not going to detour ANY of these people from believing what they want.

How long has this been going on? What kinds of noises do you hear, sounds pretty creepy to me, is Alpine meadows in Alta Loma?

if you are on Alpine Meadows than you are only a few houses away from the haunted house in this story. i don't want to post the exact spot but you can probably see it from your front door.

Can someone message me information about the suicides? I'm a lifelong resident and have never heard the story.

dude everything is right there on the page what else could you want to know

Please send address. I am looking for this house

Do you have actual address for this house. I have lived here since 1971 and herd the story, but did not know what street this happened on. Thanks

Okay for starters I thought they said it was on hillside and hermosa, actually I thought it was the house in the back that looks like its about 2200 square feet and its the littest house in that area, the one that has all those trees and the home made wooden fence around the property, kinda reminded of the blair witch project, also it was built in the earliear 80s, My neice and I was leaving the property and heard the wind blowing throw the trees and then we heard a little girls voice kinda like crying but it was like she was right next to us and it went on for about 3 to 4 minutes it scared us so bad cause we both looked at each other and said at the same time did you hear that, Its gave me goose bumbs and my neice was running so fast that she feel down, I went back and got the owners number and called her a left a message about the house, also I was wondering if I was at the right house its just north of hillside and the crossing st. would be hermosa, really scary house and it looks it is the one in the story cause its the smallest one around that area, plz get back to me, also there was a house in the front also that was built in the 60s also very creepy feeling when I got to the house in the back oh boy you can really feel the spirits around us, so so scarey, well any questions plz dnt hesitate to email me at

Okay peeps, Went to the house today very easy to find if you really read the story rite, also in the comments that people have posted they mention Whispering Forest and Alpin Meadows follow those streets in order when you get to the end of Alpine Meadows there will be a dead end street turn around on it and the house will be on the right side of the street, 3 house on the right you cant miss it cause its the smallest house on the whole street and boy does it have alot of tress's in front and back, let me know if you located, dnt want to give out his address out due to respect for the owner, but have fun and watch out for the spirits at night, the freaks come out at night:)


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