The Scariest Place In Alta Loma

The scariest and most haunted house in Alta Loma is just north of Hillside, east of Hermosa Ave. in an area known as 'The Woods' of Alta Loma, only a few streets from the base of the mountain.  This haunted house story is more interesting than your average 'haunted house' story because it's not about some 100 year old home or winery, it's about a fairly new home built in 1989 and everything is verifiable.  These things all happened in the mid to late 1990's and any of the neighbors can confirm the details and the incident was actually reported in the Daily Bulletin newspaper.

The house is on a 1/2 acre horse property with over 150 eucalyptus trees.  Several people have commented that it looks like something out of the movie 'Blair Witch Project' and say it is scary looking at night even if nothing happened there.  The house itself is tutor style and small for the area at only about 2200 sq. feet and 3 bedrooms.  All the other houses in the area are much larger.

The original owner was a contractor and built the home himself, literally with his own hands as a gift to the love of his life whom he had just married a few years before.  They lived happily for a few years and had twin girls that went to Vineyard Jr High down the street at Hermosa and Highland Ave.

The story goes that after being served divorce papers the man grew severely depressed.  When the soon to be ex-wife demanded that he move out of the home that he not only owned, but built himself, he swore on his life that he would never leave.  The next day he waited for his wife and twin daughters to leave for school & work, got his shotgun, went to his favorite sitting area beneath one of the larger eucalyptus trees, put the barrel in his mouth, his toe on the trigger, and blew the better part of his head off.

Upon returning home from school that afternoon the girls became concerned that the back door was open, the TV was on, etc, and went searching for their father.  One girl searched the front of the property, the other, the back of the property.  When the girl found her father's mostly decapitated body in the back yard she began screaming so uncontrollably that the neighbors called the police thinking a crime was occurring.  The girl was so traumatized by finding her father this way that a few weeks later she also killed herself in the house by slitting her wrists in the bathtub.  The mother and other daughter sold the home and moved out shortly after.  The house has had several owners since - not one of them staying any longer than about a year because of the strange happenings inside and outside the home.

Neighbors and locals walking the horse-trail behind the home report seeing the figure of the husband wondering aimlessly at night thru the trees.   You can also hear the screaming of the daughter as the wind blows through the trees at night.  People that have lived in the house have told neighbors that they also hear the screams of the teenage girl and sometimes hear the words "daddy" being whispered when it's quite in the house. When it's windy they also report seeing a shadow figure move through the trees at night.

If you are ever walking through the horse trails above Hillside Avenue and east of Hermosa, look for the yard with a lot of trees and the smallest house in the area.  If you want to see or hear the ghosts, go back at night and you can hear the screams of the girl and might see the father or his shadow wandering the property that he swore he would never leave.


Hi there..I was really intrigued with the haunted house story.I live in Alta Loma and wanted to know if you had an address to the home.I wanted to see if for myself if possible.Thank You.If so u can reach me at 9099384821.:)

I lived directly next-door for most of my life, and he didn't blow his brains out. Why are the facts so wrong in this article? My God. The guy, Ken, a friend of ours btw, waited until his wife and ONE daughter came home. There was a note on the front door instructing only Uta (don't know how to spell her name right) to come in. When she came in and found him in the garage he shot himself in the heart in front of her. He hated her, and that's why he did it just that way. She also slept with half the guys in the neighborhood -- married or not. There are no ghosts. My mother still lives there and hasn't seen a ghost yet. If you want to see a ghost watch 'Ghostbusters' because they don't exist.

Sorry to disagree with you Mike, but you are wrong. You are either confused, or making up your story. I've posted a few bits and pieces here and there on this page, so now this is all that I know, from living a few houses away up the street, and talking at length to some of the people that lived there as well as some of the neighbors:

The house was built in the mid-late 1980s. The man that built was a tile contractor. He had the contract to do all of the tiling at the Mark Taper Forum, in Los Angeles and was apparently doing well. I don't know how many children he had.

He was depressed for a long time and made comments to neighbors like "I'm committing suicide bit by bit by smoking so much I might as well get it over with"

While nobody was home one day, he shot himself, in the south-west corner bedroom. The neighbor to the south discovered the body.

The home was sold after this to a young Italian/Arabic man and woman with one young girl. The room where he killed himself became the little girls room. The man got into some sort of trouble with the police, the house was raided, and he went to jail. While in jail his wife was not able to pay the bills and the house went into foreclosure. It was this time, around 1999, when the yard was neglected and starting looking like something out of "Blair Witch" which has been posted here by others.

The house was purchased by a 30's-something man and woman in 2000. They had the two barky dogs that have been posted about on this page. One was something like a red-doberman and the other was a black border collie. The man drove a blue Jaguar. They had a young boy, and an older boy that lived with them on and off. The 'death room' was the little boy's bedroom.

Both the young boy and the young girl that lived in the house previously in "that bedroom" complained about weird things going on in the bedroom which I chalk-up to over imagination after someone told them what happened in the room.
WHY on earth would someone tell their children this?!

In about 2003 or 2004 the house was purchased by a young man from Mission Viejo (financed by his mother). He did several upgrades to the property, including a major overhaul of the back yard which had been un-lanscaped up until this point.

I moved away in 2005 so I don't know who lives there now.

And Mike, give me a general idea of what you do for a living (or, what your father did if you are under the age of 35) and I will know if you are are BSing or not about living next door, since I have spoke enough with both people that lived on either side of the house from about 1995-2005 and know what they do/did professionally. One thing I do agree with you about though, there are no ghosts.
PS, it's not an 'article', it's a "ghost story"

You have no idea what you are talking about. You are either making up stories or talking about the wrong house.
If you no longer live there why are you so cagey about concealing your identity and the name of the street whilst at the same time prying into other people's business asking what they do for a living and stuff . . too weird! Perhaps the fact is that you do not know anything! You haven't spoken to anyone around that area you are just a bit of an airhead with nothing better to do . . you have a head full of nonsense! You need to just shut up and stop being rude to people calling them liars and stuff when you are actually the delusional one. You say such stupid things it is laughable ' it is not an article it is a ghost story!' I mean who cares! You seriously need to get out more!

I had no idea you replied until earlier tonight, so sorry about the delay.

I enjoyed the story you gave me. I'll admit I had it wrong because although I did have my neighbor next-door kill himself, your story sounds pretty real.

I don't believe in ghosts either, but maybe it'll increase tourism. Haha.

My neighbor had a terrible wife who was sleeping with every married guy in the neighborhood, so he waited for her to get home one night and had a note on the door that said not to let their daughter in the house. He waited for his wife to come into the garage area and he shot himself in the heart right in front of her. I liked the guy -- he was cool. It was really shocking when I heard about it.

He made the mistake of knocking her up, but felt like he had the responsibility to stick around, although she was messing around all over the neighborhood.

Again, thanks for the story. I work at AIG, btw. Workers' comp. It's boring, but pays well.

you're a awesome, great human being and I envy you.

Thank you that's what I've telling these morons

The house was built in 1989 and has never been sold since. This is public record. Either the same person has lived in it since then and the story is bogus or the wife still owns the home and has rented out. Since there was a comment regarding a guy living there the last 20 years, this story may not have happened in this house. It's just a creepy looking house in this upscale neighborhood.

I have lived on this street for the past 25 years. My husband and one other neighbor were the first two guys on scene who went into the house and found the deceased neighbor. It happened in the garage. There are a lot of untruths in this article. I don't need to list all of them because it doesn't matter anymore. Suffice it to say, that we live in a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood and it is our home. There is nothing eerie about it. It is a wonderful place to live. The current owners are friends and all you people should respect them and their home and please stop lurking around our neighborhood. Thank you.

Talk to city hall get a no trespassing no loitering sign. Once it is posted for a period of time those in violation will be subject to fines and more.