The Scariest Place In Alta Loma

The scariest and most haunted house in Alta Loma is just north of Hillside, east of Hermosa Ave. in an area known as 'The Woods' of Alta Loma, only a few streets from the base of the mountain.  This haunted house story is more interesting than your average 'haunted house' story because it's not about some 100 year old home or winery, it's about a fairly new home built in 1989 and everything is verifiable.  These things all happened in the mid to late 1990's and any of the neighbors can confirm the details and the incident was actually reported in the Daily Bulletin newspaper.

The house is on a 1/2 acre horse property with over 150 eucalyptus trees.  Several people have commented that it looks like something out of the movie 'Blair Witch Project' and say it is scary looking at night even if nothing happened there.  The house itself is tutor style and small for the area at only about 2200 sq. feet and 3 bedrooms.  All the other houses in the area are much larger.

The original owner was a contractor and built the home himself, literally with his own hands as a gift to the love of his life whom he had just married a few years before.  They lived happily for a few years and had twin girls that went to Vineyard Jr High down the street at Hermosa and Highland Ave.

The story goes that after being served divorce papers the man grew severely depressed.  When the soon to be ex-wife demanded that he move out of the home that he not only owned, but built himself, he swore on his life that he would never leave.  The next day he waited for his wife and twin daughters to leave for school & work, got his shotgun, went to his favorite sitting area beneath one of the larger eucalyptus trees, put the barrel in his mouth, his toe on the trigger, and blew the better part of his head off.

Upon returning home from school that afternoon the girls became concerned that the back door was open, the TV was on, etc, and went searching for their father.  One girl searched the front of the property, the other, the back of the property.  When the girl found her father's mostly decapitated body in the back yard she began screaming so uncontrollably that the neighbors called the police thinking a crime was occurring.  The girl was so traumatized by finding her father this way that a few weeks later she also killed herself in the house by slitting her wrists in the bathtub.  The mother and other daughter sold the home and moved out shortly after.  The house has had several owners since - not one of them staying any longer than about a year because of the strange happenings inside and outside the home.

Neighbors and locals walking the horse-trail behind the home report seeing the figure of the husband wondering aimlessly at night thru the trees.   You can also hear the screaming of the daughter as the wind blows through the trees at night.  People that have lived in the house have told neighbors that they also hear the screams of the teenage girl and sometimes hear the words "daddy" being whispered when it's quite in the house. When it's windy they also report seeing a shadow figure move through the trees at night.

If you are ever walking through the horse trails above Hillside Avenue and east of Hermosa, look for the yard with a lot of trees and the smallest house in the area.  If you want to see or hear the ghosts, go back at night and you can hear the screams of the girl and might see the father or his shadow wandering the property that he swore he would never leave.


My son goes to Vineyard Jr High and he has heard this story. I think I have walked by this house and without even knowing the story about what has happened there I can tell you it does look like a very scary place because of the way the trees look.

Can u tell me where this house is.

Okay if your on baseline ave you would go to hermosa ave make a left hand turn going north untill
you got to hillside ave then you would make a left on hillside and its on the right side of the street right after you turn onto hillside its on the corner of hillside and hermosa its the one that says keep out private propery you will see the big sign on the chain link fence, also they are rebuilding the foundation on the little house in front cause its very old, then if you look to the very back were there is another fence then youll'e see another house in the very back, thats the house her husband built for her, its also has stairs on the left side of the house on the outside of the house, its got 1 room upstairs and 1 bathroom, now downstairs there's a tiny garage 1 bathroom and 1 little living room,
they are repairing the pipes and doing plumbing work on it has I speak, I called the owner of it and she said it isnt ready to be rented out at this time, due to the plumbing and other issues, but it is the house in the story above, plz get back to me if you have anymore questions about the house... Here's my email add.

If you read the story (above) you would know that this could not possibly be the house! The house in the story is in "the Woods" area of Alta Loma, which is a few blocks north of Hillside, and the house in the story has over 150 trees on the lot. That house on Hillside and Hermosa doens't have a single tree. Also, the guy that built the house on Hillside and Hermosa is still very alive.. I've seen him in the last year or two. He's in a wheelchair, but very alive. But i've always wondered how he gets up the stairs on the rear house in his wheelchair!

Okay well I guess I was at the wrong house, the house I was at had alot of tree's on it and it hasn't been lived in some time it's got a older house in front looks like there putting a foundation on it also redoing the plumbing, its the one that has the home made wooden fence around it, It kinda reminds me of the blair witch project, they must have spent alot of hours putting all that wood together to make the fence, also could you tell me where the house in the story is located? And if it's really a true story or did someone have to much time on there hands and just made it up, kinda curious... plz get back to me, thanks...

The house you are talking about is on Hermosa and WILSON... across from Hermosa elementary school...the house on the story is indeed in the woods neighborhood...north of Hillside ...

I dont Believe,I just went with my sister and I didn't see any thing or hear anything,wasting my time to see nothing,nada,it's not true!!!!!

Do you have proof it's not true? Spirits just don't appear because you show up somewhere. It takes time & a lot of patience if you are really searching for proof of the paranormal & your mind needs to be open to it. I've been to quite a few places supposedly haunted & never saw, felt or heard anything, but I never decided I didn't believe. I like a good story & that's all this is - a story.

My daughter in law who is 24 drove by on her way home from a friends house. She said she saw an older man carrying a riffle over his shoulder. She said She was scared to death because she knows it was not a happy soul.
She will not drive past this house. When she got home Which we live 2 blocks from the house on Hermosa and Hillside she was very frighted and shaking. She had a very very descriptive image of him.

Our home is also one of the older homes here in Alta Loma, Its been in our family for over 30 years and was purchased by my father in Law From the owner of Pervetti Construction. Rumor has it that while it was being built one of the contractors fell from the top story and died. The Pervetti family would never say if it was true or not. But What I do know is this was a custom home for He and his wife. they never moved into it and my Father in law came in and it was basically just sold to him and way under cost. My father in law pretty much rebuilt the house and the outside was redone. I can confirm because I have lived her for 23 years that there is a Man about the age of 25-30 who wonders our house at night. Being a larger home we always gave one room in particular to the newest baby in the house. (we have 5 kids) Our 3 younger kids would sit in their crib from a very young age and would talk to something in their closet. As they got older they told us about the man in the closet but he's nice they would tell me.
Now my Grandson who is a year old is living here and he as well talks to the closet.

I live off of Hermosa and Hillside and although I only walk through it during the day time. My Golden Retriever acts extremely nervous when we walk past this house. They have also been cleaning it up and have removed a lot of the trees over the years. for fire hazard.