The Mystery of Lost Lake of the Cajon Pass

It is not known to many people, but it is still possible to use the old highway up through a portion of the Cajon Pass. Present day highway 15 runs well above old 395 and Historic Route Highway 66. Such rustic areas as Blue Cut and Halls Ranch (Yes my Family again), and Sullivan's Curve still exist.

As you drive up the badly surfaced road from Devore (Use the Kenwood Exit from the Northbound 15 and make a left, pass under the 15 and then make a right on Cajon Blvd [old 395 & route 66]) you notice that for the most part you are driving on what would be the southbound lanes of the old 4 lane highway. As you come around the curve at Blue Cut you notice that there is now a mountain sitting over the right-hand lanes into the center divider. You might think that this is ample proof that the San Andreas Fault zone is alive and moving. But you would be wrong. It is actually the San Jacinto Fault Zone that straddles the highway. The San Andreas is still one mile ahead.
Two Faults zones so close together and visible? As you proceed north you notice that the entire area between the faults is moving to the north and at different speeds. Only 2 or 3 inches a year, but they are moving. So much so, that railroad crews from both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe, have to go out twice a year and reset the tracks. Otherwise, the train tracks would bend out of shape, just like old 395 has.

As you proceed, you will see a sign that says 'Lost Lake'. It also says private road so most people ignore it and just keep heading up towards Sullivan's Curve. Sullivan's Curve by the way, is a favorite Train Watcher area and has also been the scene of several major train accidents over the years. The best way to get into this area is to exit highway 15 at Cleghorn Pass Road, make a left under the freeway if you are going north bound that is and then make a right on the first roadway you see. This will take you back to a triple track bypass area, a small yard, and the beginning of the lower end of Sullivan's Curve.

But if you take the time to make the left turn onto the dirt road and cross the triple set of tracks that tend to hide it's route, you eventually find a quiet little area that should not exist. For there are no streams, creeks or rivers that feed into Lost Lake. The water seeps up from beneath the ground. A direct result of two major earthquake faults zones passing within a half mile of each other.

Some say that Lost Lake has no bottom, that it feeds directly from the center of the earth. The water is also very cold, below freezing even in summer time. Fire crews have used its water supply to help fight fires, and they have never noticed a drop in water levels. It always stays the same, even in heavy rain seasons. And snow fall has no effect on it. But it has never frozen either.

Lost Lake is surrounded by lush grassy vegetation, some what like what you might see back in Kentucky or Tennessee. In fact Kentucky Blue Grass grows all around the lake.

As you drive further into the narrow valley you realize that both fault zones are coming together. All of a sudden you run into a wall of a mountain that blocks your way. You can climb up this 500 foot high rock fall and look out over the valley you have just passed through. To the northwest are the 10,000 peaks of Mt Baldy, Cracka Ridge and the Mountain High Ski area. As you hike through the area you become aware of how insignificant you are amongst the grander of the Fault Zones, the Mountains and the trees.


did you Google it?

Hello everyone just wanted to let you no something strange is going on at lost lake i was there yesterday 6-30-17. The lake is now 40 ft below water line the water temperature is 78-80 real warm dead craw fish all on shores and little bubbles comming up from the direct middle and no veggitation on the shores anymore.i use to love fishing here i use to catch large mouth bass and small mouth as well as catfish and buckets of craw fish. Not no more its closed off to public the government took that right away from us ..


I was told by the ranger who was opening the gate to lost lake yesterday that the Army Core of Engineers ran tests to determine the depth of the lake and he was told it was slighltly deeper than 300', but never saw any evidence of the tests performed and that they were never made available to the public or the National Forestry. He also said that he watched the engineers conduct the tests but doesn't think they were honest with him. He said they hit the 300' depth in certain spots but never did they hit bottom in the high end of the lake. He said the high end of the lake would be the east portion that faces the Interstate 15.. When looking at the lake the east portion appears very dark almost completely black, and yesterday being very warm about 83 degrees, the water was as cold as ice. I wouldn't say that I am a traveler, but I have been to about 40 different states in our great nation, and never in my life have I felt so uneasy, as I stood by the waters edge. Just a real creepy type of feeling. Like alot of horrible things have happened at this place. When leaving I spoke with the Ranger again who said the a volkswagon was pulled from the shallow end of the lake in around 2004 with four male passengers still in the vehicle, all of who had been shot in the head.. He also told me of Bikers who used lost lake as their party spot for many years and said he had heard stories of many people who were either raped and dumped in the lake by the bikers, or just killed and dumped in the lake.. He also said in the 1970s there were more than 20 people reported missing in that general area who were never seen or heard from again.. It is not a place I would want to hangout, especially after the sun goes down. Lost Lake is definiately a strange and mysterious place..

Those engineers were messing with you, perpetuating the myth. People want to believe the fairy tales. There definitely was a woman and her two children and her male friend that were murdered in Grand Terrace by her ex husband and dumped there at Lost Lake. That was in the San Bernardino Sun and I have the articles because we knew the young man.

I was at the Lost Lake yesterday with my son who was visiting for the second time-first time with a school tour. The first thought that struck me was what a weird and unusual place for a lake to be. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere. It was dry land everywhere except for the lake location. It is a true oasis. Another thing I noticed is the clearness of the water. The water is as clear as can be. Around the edges, one can actually see the bottom of the water; that's how clear the water is. This will strike as odd judging by the length of time it has existed. It is in its natural state. No modernization or improvement has been attempted to make it a standard park. That is strange. It is eerie around the lake. The name "Lost Lake" befits this body of water. I wonder how it was discovered. It is actually in a place you don't expect water to exist. It seem to be flowing south while it's not. It is rather a small lake. It never dries up. You would expect a little body of water like that to dry up in the dry summer California heat. Not so. the level remains the same at any given time. The question is if there is a continuous flow of water from under the earth, why does it only replace or content with replenishing any taken amount and not overflow to form a stream, river or a bigger lake? It seems to have a natural overflow system or device in place. Another question is, if it is really flowing from the center of the earth, why is not hot or warm? Another strange observance is the absence of tell tale signs of approaching a body of water. It is dry land and brushes as usual and whooeh!! you are at the edge or about to run into it.
Is there water in the center of the earth? If so, why has the lake never frozen but always cold as was noted by someone? We were taught that the core of the earth is molten or liquid and immensely hot. Shouldn't hot lava be seeping out of the lake instead of cold water it were truly connected to earth's center? Is this lake a ticking time bomb and a ready avenue that may one day provide an easy outlet for a silent serious volcanic lava flow that may insidiously overtake a large area unnoticed. Has a diver ever been sent down there to explore the depth? There is something strange about that lake alright. Why has it not been developed into a park? Why is the public not warned of its depth? Does anyone has any true info. regarding this lake?

My boyfriend scuba dived in Lost Lake around 1964 and it is at the deepest 25 feet. No it is not bottemless. It is impossible to be bottomless. Around 1962 it was very low and the same boyfriend rode across the bottom on his motorcycle.

Sorry, but according to the fish and game warden in the area the lake has never been drained.. It fills up as fast as water is scooped away for fires.. You must be mistaken that your boyfriend rode his motorcycle along the bottom of Lost Lake.. According to california records this was formed by an earthquake in the early 1800s. The seismic activity caused a crack very deep that filled this area with water. research it..


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