The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Okay I admit it I am a fan but I have never been to one of the shows. But for those of you who are avid fans of the rocky Horror Picture Show, and have been to the shows like my niece, here are a few pointers about the film you might or might not know. We all know the stars, or should if you are a fan, but I will list those on the bottom of this piece.

But perhaps there are a few things you didn't know about the show. Like for instance, when was it supposedly took place, what era of time did this take place or does it really matter. I will leave that to you the reader to decide.


The Criminologist
(I thought he was Professor) says that this all occurs on a late November evening, yet Richard Nixon's resignation speech is on the radio in the car. Nixon resigned in August. So what's the deal? Was the radio doing a re-broadcast? Did Brad and Janet go through a Time Warp? If it was Nixon's original speech, why were Brad and Janet talking, rather than listening to it like good clean-cut American citizens? And what's with the copy of The Plain Dealer? Its date doesn't seem to match anything. Many explanations could be theorized about, and any number of arguments could be made, but my personal opinion is that nobody really cared.


This is often-times a much debated topic, yet the explanation seems simple. The concern is mainly that according to the clock during The Time Warp, it was midnight when Brad and Janet arrived, yet they had dinner a few hours later, and when they left, it was Still dark out. This is compounded by the fact that the clock chimes more than twelve times. Many various explanations have been given. Some claim that they arrived earlier than midnight, others say that time had no meaning in the castle. Nobody seems to be able to accept the idea that perhaps Transylvanian's don't keep the same dinner schedules as Earthlings. Well, here's the chronology for you, so Shut up about it already.

The wedding was in the late afternoon. By the time Brad and Janet stopped dancing and Singing, and got around to changing clothes, getting a bite to eat (White Castle perhaps?), and heading off to see Dr. Scott, it was well into the evening, perhaps around 10:00 or so. When the car broke down around 11:00, they had to walk back several miles in the dark and the rain, so it took a good hour for them to arrive at the castle. Everything between their arrival to the end of the Creation Scene is in "real-time and so Rocky ends up being born between midnight and 12.30. After a bit of sleep, Frank seduces both Brad and Janet. Since Frank is the wonderful lover that he is, this takes up a bit of time, putting Janet's seduction of Rocky well past 3:30. Dinner happens around 4:00, after which the Cast is Medusaed
(?), and Frank prepares for the floor show. The floor show begins at around 7:30, making Rocky seven hours old, and by the time the castle blasts off, it's just around dusk. This makes it November in Midwest America and it takes a while for daylight to happen.

So there you have it. It all fits, and it all makes sense, so don't try to tell me anything different. Unless, of course, this is all flooey and then its the who cares bit again. Or perhaps another theory is put forth.


There isn't one
. Why do you need one when you are from a different Planet. The castle, as it's portrayed in the movie doesn't exist. It is absolutely impossible for the elevator to be where it is in the lab, and for the hole in the wall to be where it is. You'll also note that there are no doors into the lab. So how do the Transylvanian's get there before Brad and Janet? Perhaps they all made a quick trip in the elevator, perhaps they all teleported up there, (Frankie, Beam Me Up) or perhaps they used Riff and Magenta's secret entrance that was originally supposed to be there. This also was supposed to be the way in which Dr. Scott entered the lab, but nobody really noticed that they forgot to remedy this until it was being filmed. Richard O'Brien asked production designer Brian Thomson how Dr. Scott was going to enter, and Brian answered, as a joke, "We'll just push him through the wall."


The Cast

Dr. Frank-N-Furter (a scientist)

Tim Curry Transported Transylvania Fruit Loop.

Janet Weiss (a heroine)

Susan Sarandon

Brad Majors (a hero)

Barry Bostwick

Riff Raff (a handyman)

Richard O'Brien

Magenta (a domestic)

Patricia Quinn

Columbia (a groupie)

Little Nell

Dr. Everett V. Scott (a rival scientist)

Jonathan Adams

Rocky Horror (a creation)

Peter Hinwood

Eddie (ex delivery boy)

Meat Loaf

The Criminologist (an expert)

Charles Gray

MTV Plans Rocky Horror Remake Wed Jul 30 2008. According to a Variety article posted on July 23rd, MTV is planning to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show for television.

You can attend the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Inland Empire at the following location.

Claremont, CA (909) 621-5500 Bi-Weekly 1st, 3rd Sat: 12:00 Mid Creatures of the Night

Price: $10.00

This showing is actually down along the 5 freeway on the way to San Diego but Hey what the heck, if you are down that way, you might want to stop by for the fun.

Encinitas, La Paloma Theatre (760) 436-7469 Weekly Fri: 12:00 Mid Crazed Imaginations

Price: $8.00

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