The Roberds Historic Houses


The Roberds Homes on Roberds Street

Location in Alta Loma (Rancho Cucamonga) 

9540 & 9548 Roberds Street

Style of houses

Vernacular Bungalow 

Year Built


The Roberds Houses in Alta Loma

The "Roberds Court" homes, both located on Roberds Street were both build by Harry and Rilla Roberds in approximatly 1922, most likely to be used as rental homes.

The Roberds' were a prominent family in Alta Loma and purchased and subdivided most of the area which is current Amethyst Street  just south of the railroad tracks.  Because these houses were located so close to the Alta Loma packing house district we can assume that the houses were rented by packing house workers.  

Both of these houses have the same basic design except for only small differences.  Even though a small addition has been built at the rear of the house at 9540 Roberds the original integrity of the house is still intact.

Both of the homes are rectangular shaped and have a front gable roofline.  They are both one story in height, are wood frame structures with 4 inch lapped board.  The fornt porches face the east, it's open pediment, decorated with a sunburst design are supported by wood columns on stuccoed concrete columns.   The exterior chimneys are made of local fieldstone.



I am the granddaughter of the Roberds family. I lived in Cucamonga between 1977 and 1994 and did not know these homes were historical. Very interesting. I'm interested in more info.

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