Riverside Cemetery

Not far from The Mission Inn is the Riverside Cemetery..  This cemetery is an extremely old burial site that is now owned by Riverside Parks and Recreation. The grounds of the cemetery are run down and not well kept, complete with fallen headstones that lie haphazardly amongst the final resting places of the dead..  And the catacombs of the Mission Inn run right along the northern most row. 

Residents Who live right across the street and to the south of the decrepit cemetery, live a mere 50 feet from the graveyard, and there are no walls between the residents and the cemetery.  You actually have to drive through the cemetery to get to the homes on the east flank of Mt Rubidoux {I know I have had to do it).  Add to this creepy scene the irony of a "One Way" sign situated across from the cemetery that glows eerily without the aid of streetlights... I have actually seen this sign, and thought the sign is yellow it shines a greenish red.  Now that's enough to make my hair stand up on end and it did.


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You are referring to Evergreen Cemetery at 14th and Pine.

The cemetery actually isn't run-down anymore. All but the very oldest section are very well-kept, and during our excursion we did not see a single fallen headstone. The only section that could be considered 'run down' is the section just east of the large Mausoleum. All the grass is dead but based on the 10 foot high pile of new soil nearby it looks like they may be planning on laying down new sod.

The residents directly behind the east section of the cemetery are actually less than 50 feet away! Their back yards are right up against the east section and are below the ground level of the graves! I can imagine one big rainstorm turning their back yards into something out of the movie Poltergeist..

Even though there is metal fencing and gates surrounding the entire cemetery, there is easy access to at least to the older section behind the mausoleum. Just south of the mausoleum, on Pine Street there is an unfenced section with only chains blocking the road to keep cars out. There are not any 'no trespassing' signs and nothing else to indicate that you are not allowed to visit the graves. We were able to go in and walk around at night for a few hours with no issues - but I would advise anyone going to the cemetery after hours stay quiet and respectful.

Ive lived in riverside my whole life, about a mile away from this graveyard. It used to be really rundown and had dead grass and but ive never seen it have knocked over grave stones. Now it is very pretty. Its gated and has grass, it looks nice now. Its wasnt really creppy and when you "drive through the graveyard" its NOT like your literally on the dirt and shit. there is a street and its not scary. Im a 15 year old girl and im fine with walking there. It is a beautiful place and not scary at all. I love Riverside!

Speaking of the Mission Inn, Frank Miller is buried there. Just went there a few months ago to look around. They really cleaned it up nicely with grass, gates, fixed the headstones, and put flagpoles up. Not scarey at all in the daytime.

This old cemetery is literally part of
Mount Rubiduox . From the base of the
Cross you can look down and see the
entire graveyard .
When you get back down , go read some of the names on those old headstones and realize that those folks buried there probably did the same thing you just did, including looking back up at the top of the hill.
You have just become part of history........
Always remember that.


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