Riverside Cemetery

Not far from The Mission Inn is the Riverside Cemetery..  This cemetery is an extremely old burial site that is now owned by Riverside Parks and Recreation. The grounds of the cemetery are run down and not well kept, complete with fallen headstones that lie haphazardly amongst the final resting places of the dead..  And the catacombs of the Mission Inn run right along the northern most row. 

Residents Who live right across the street and to the south of the decrepit cemetery, live a mere 50 feet from the graveyard, and there are no walls between the residents and the cemetery.  You actually have to drive through the cemetery to get to the homes on the east flank of Mt Rubidoux {I know I have had to do it).  Add to this creepy scene the irony of a "One Way" sign situated across from the cemetery that glows eerily without the aid of streetlights... I have actually seen this sign, and thought the sign is yellow it shines a greenish red.  Now that's enough to make my hair stand up on end and it did.


Ok that's not a haunting situation. That just means you're scared of driving through there.. LOL. it does sound creepy though, I might take a drive up there and scare my friends.

Those are fucking street lights that make it shine a greenish red. Whats up?

been there with some friends to check it out.. born and raised just a couple miles from there... several pictures taken show people that were not with us standing right next to us.. believe me.. something is not right there

Hubby grew up in Riverside and took me there to show me this beautiful old cemetery. I saw a few shadows during the day and heard footsteps behind me as we walked. There wasn't anyone there was us. Its pretty lonely. I got the feeling those long dead just need to feel someone remembers them.
I've taken my kids and some family back there. For the most part those with us a few felt lonely and sad when walking around. My daughter at one point turned around and told something to stop following her. She was maybe 6 or 7 at the time. My son took one look at the place and said,"I'm not getting out!" He stayed in our truck.I have pictures of the cemetery but don't think I've ever seen anything on them.

You may actually be referring to the Evergreen Cemetery which is located at 14th and Pine streets in Riverside. It is a few blocks away from the Mission Inn. I don't know that the catacombs actually reach to this cemetery. For the past three years the cemetery has had a fundraising effort called "A Celebration to Die For" and it occurs just before Halloween. They invite the Hearse Club, Aztec Dancers, a live Dixie Band and Danse Macbre from the Renfaire also attends. There are food vendors and face painting for the kids and you can go on a tour of the active crematorium that is also located on the cemetery grounds which is reported to be haunted. Admission to the event is $10.00 per person or $25.00 per family and it all goes towards restoring this great little old cemetery. The event this year is on October 30, 2010 and it starts at 6:00 p.m. It's a lot of fun and not too scary.

Ok. Well i dont think its scary at all.. We buried my baby there just last year.. And I used to be scared of just any cemetery. But once u have lost a loved one.. All that goes away.. And I think it's beautiful there..

God bless your baby.

Same here.god bless your baby.used to live at the bridgeport apts.my balcony would face the graveyard.sad when youre bbq'in and someone getting buried across the way.now my balcony faces the new park being built on tequesquite and pine.strolled through the cemetery 3am plenty of times.never experienced anything.

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