Real Haunted House in Etiwanda

There is another haunted house in Rancho Cucamonga, although this one is located in the Etiwanda section of town.  The haunted house is now located on Etiwanda Ave just south of Baseline Road, having been moved there from its original location at the corner of Baseline and Etiwanda Avenues in 2003.  This house is historical, built around 1900, which is why it was preserved when the property owner sold it to KB Homes. The southern mansion style of this well preserved house stands out among the moderns homes surrounding it so it is easy to find.

For nearly ten years i lived just behind the old house in the caretaker's cottage on this 10 acre property. Our house was demolished to make room for new homes. i had many opportunities to visit the house since i provided the landlady with some minor maintenance services between tenants. There were many tenants during this decade, no one stayed long after their year lease expired. I gave tours to some prospective tenants and many curious friends who admired the house. I never forewarned anyone of the strange occurrences at the house, letting them find out for themselves.

Everyone agreed this house was haunted and occupied by spirits. One tenant was pushed flat on her face with her family witnessing. I once found a member of a cleaning crew standing outside shaking badly. He was reluctant at first to explain but finally told me the bucket of water he was using to wash the floor which was across the room was turned upside down right before his eyes. One previously enthusiastic couple suddenly refused to follow me upstairs to view the second floor, claiming "a powerful feeling that they werent welcome up there". Many noted the strange coldness in the front bedroom, though it should have been warm from the afternoon sun. I never HEARD anything strange but the events in that house could not be explained away.

Now I wonder if the spirits moved with the house around the corner or perhaps stayed with the land, occupying the new homes.


I think I drive past this house every morning on the way to work. I always thought it looked out of place around all the newer houses on Etiwanda Ave. Nice to see a little history about it.

I pass by that house very day. my aunt looked inside and saw nothing in the broken windows, all she saw was one single picture of the house in the 1900's. i have always wanted to go inside and investigate it.

im sorry to read the old house is falling into disrepair. i no longer live in rancho cucamonga so seldom go by it. maybe i will look into who owns it and find out why it is empty. i believe it WAS occupied after it was relocated but never checked into it any further. it is a beautifully crafted old house. The former owner maintained it well, inside and out. What a shame.

I am producing a new reality show documentary for a huge network and would love to investigate this house for a pilot im shooting that would be awesome. Please let me know who to contact..

My brother is a psychic medium and will be visiting the area soon. He is interested in finding a location in which to hold a "Haunted Hot Spot" class and may find this house to be a perfect location. Please e-mail me the contact information for the current owner or caretaker... someone who can supply my brother with necessary information about the location (ie, is it structurally sound enough for people to go inside and walk through it) as well as the permission for him to hold his class there. My e-mail address is I will forward all contact information on to him as soon as I receive it. Thank you.

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