Rancho Cucamonga Fireworks Show, July 4th 2010

If the city of Rancho Cucamonga is having a July 4th fireworks show in 2010, they sure aren't doing a very good job of promoting it! We assumed that, like the last few years Rancho Cucamonga's July 4 fireworks show would be at Quakes stadium but thus far we can find no info to confirm the show for 2010!

We are pretty sure that Chaffey College is not having a fireworks show and we DO know that the city of Fontana is having their July 4 fireworks show at the Raceway.

I realize it's late, but if anyone knows if Rancho Cucamonga is having their annual fireworks show at the stadium (or anywhere!), please post a comment.


I do not think Rancho Cucamonga is having a show this year! I've just read through the entire Rancho Grapevine, and the only fireworks show I can find is the Fontana city fireworks show at Autoclub speedway. It looks like the budget crunch is now affecting us all.

Yep! after much more googling, we've found that Rancho Cucamonga is "joining" Fontana and other cities and holding their 2010 fireworks show at the speedway in Fontana.. Thanks, but no thanks.

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