The Origin of the Name "Cucamonga"

Cucamonga comes from a Tongva place name that probably means "sandy place".
Cucamonga has always been recognized as a funny-sounding place name, among such exotic places as Timbuktu and Bora Bora. One of the catch-phrases of the radio show "The Jack Benny Program" involved a train announcer (Mel Blanc) who said over the loudspeaker, "Train now leaving on track five for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuc (pronounced cuke)... amonga," taking progressively longer pauses between "Cuc" and "amonga." Part of the joke, for the Los Angeles audience, was that no such train route existed. Jack Benny Drive, a small street in the city, is named as a tribute to "The Jack Benny Program". (Coincidentally, the city also has a Rochester Avenue, which is very likely not named for the character portrayed by Eddie Anderson on the Jack Benny Program.) In one of his many popular media crossovers, Blanc used that same catch phrase in Daffy Duck's voice in the 1948 Merrie Melodies cartoon "Daffy Duck Slept Here" and later in Bugs Bunny's voice in a 1960s Looney Tunes cartoon. In an episode of The Simpsons, Krusty the Clown mentioned Rancho Cucamonga, along with Walla Walla, Keokuk, and Seattle, as funny place names. Source:


Hmm.. Well, the official name of the area was "Cucamonga" until the 1970's ..
...Twilight Zone!

Cucamonga California is a foothills kind of city. It is green year-round. San Diego is like 150 plus miles out of your way. It could not have been the town you broke down at. Cucamonga's name has changed a is now called Rancho Cucamonga, probably due to housing developments taking over a once, ranching community. Before that, it was a Native American village. Cucamonga is a native word.

In Spanish ( which i will remind you) was the original language in California Cucamonga means "Limp Cookie" so there was a meaning of the original settlers there who carried with them as a staple large "cucas" which were kept as fresh as possible because Nad when they became limp then they were "Cuca monga"!

My name is Connie Hieb, and I am a Foothill Floozie Red Hatter, in Northern California. I grew up in Chino, and have a good friend, now living in Ontario, that would like to join Red Hats. If you could help her out, or know anyone that could, please call her: Connie Wagers. Her number is: (909) 294-9613.
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You should call your friend Connie Wagers and let her know that you just posted her name and phone number on the internet, basically inviting every scammer and low-life in the world to call her. Be sure that you also mention to her that you posted it somewhere that has absolutely nothing to do with what you are asking for, ensuring that nobody will actually be able to help.
After you call her and tell her to expect scammers to call her for at least the next 10 years, please go back and re-read chapter One on "how to use the interwebs"..


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